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Lack of hard drive


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Let me begin by saying that yes, I do know how to run PearPC. I'm a coding n00b, but not a PPC one as well. I successfully installed Panther not once, but twice. Basically, I'm usinc PPC 0.4pre and the pheNIX/deadmoo DVD. I've got the DVD set as my primary drive and the IMG file as a secondary hard drive. The Darwin install works flawlessly, but when I try to install OSx86... well, strange things. Like the fact that when I get to the "Select a Destination" screen, I have virtually no hard drives to choose from. The gray box is just blank... when I go to the Disk Utility window, it just loads indefinitely, with no drives ever appearing. (See picture included) Anyone know what may be causing this?


EDIT: Photobucket's back up. Heres a screenshot:


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