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  1. I Killed Leopard Already >.<'

    ...anyway, getting back on topic: @Soren: I don't know of any good OS X firewalls (I'm perfectly content with the built-in one, though I'm less security-conscious than others), but for an anti-virus tool, check out ClamXav. It's small and open-source, fairly powerful, and can be run either on-demand or set to watch a specific folder(s). Just because there are no OS X viruses at the moment, doesn't mean that there never will be, or that we shouldn't try to avoid spreading Windows viruses. Sorry for the rude welcome, and here's hoping the rest of your Mac experiences are good ones!
  2. Build 8R3032

    My MacBook has 8R2232 as well... how very strange.
  3. Nifties in Leopard

    Hmm... maybe a sign that Pages/Keynote will be moving to OpenDocument...? That would be insanely great!
  4. Installing Leopard

    If and only if you have an Intel Mac. PPC users get no USB booting.
  5. iBook G4 VS Powerbook G4

    The 15" PB is very nice, yes, but I don't know if I would buy one at this point. For the price, you could easily get a refurb MB for much less. However, if you're comparing the latest 12" iBook to the latest 12" PowerBook, you'll find very few differences (PB has a better GPU, slightly faster CPU, SuperDrive standard, etc). But in the end, the PB looks more professional than the iBook, and people are willing to spend more for that (even when the specs are exactly the same).
  6. No iSight Driver in Vista RTM

    The iSight driver released with Boot Camp 1.1.2 is incompatible with Vista; ergo, there is no way to get it to work until Apple officially supports Vista with their Boot Camp drivers (If I'm wrong, by all means correct me).
  7. I still would absolutely love to see Safari on Windows. If well done, it might convince me to finally break away from my one true love, Firefox... *sigh*
  8. Good Bye

    I don't know if you'll even see this JaS, but you've done some amazing things while I've been gone (I was around back when Maxxuss was still frequenting the board), and I and (most of) the rest of us really appreciate it. Thank you, and bon voyage!
  9. Half-Life in OS X with Crossover

    I think the slow framerate was caused by the video capture being used. Note that at the beginning, the screen hops up and down (possibly due to a camera being used) at the EXACT SAME FRAMERATE as the game itself later.
  10. Halo universal binary released. 

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00006IQT...p;s=electronics Amazon usually has the best deals on Mac games, in my opinion. Just make sure you keep the receipt for this purchase, so MacSoft will ship you the update for free.
  11. Learning to program for Mac

    Yeah, I've heard that the Hillengrass book is really good for beginner Mac programmers. As soon as I get a little cash, I'm gonna pick that up, plus "Step into Xcode" by Fritz Anderson. It looks like a fairly solid book, which is also recent enough to thoroughly discuss universal binaries.
  12. SheepShaver powerpc emu

    Yes, but it's locked up in a Classic install. And, needless to say, my MacBook is severely lacking in the "Classic" department. There's no way for me to extract the ROM without using an OS that I don't have access to at the moment, so I was hoping that someone could extract it for me. Or I can just wait until I get to school, so I can use my library's G5s.
  13. SheepShaver powerpc emu

    Hi, I have SheepShaver, but no ROM. Since I'm on an Intel Mac (MacBook, to be specific), I can't run TomeViewer to extract the ROM from a file. If anyone would be so kind as to email me one at theocryst@hotmail.com, I would be eternally grateful! Many thanks! ~TheoCryst
  14. That would be a pretty bad idea... think about how many angry MacBook owners would be complaining to Apple if they dropped prices that quickly. I can imagine either a price drop or a speed bump some time in July, but no earlier.