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stuck on trying to install the ethernet


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hi all


i was trying to follow the instructions found in



i am completely lost when it comes to this part:


29) Open Terminal

30) Change directory to your desktop (cd Desktop)

31) Issue these 3 commands:

sudo chown -R root:wheel forcedeth.kext

sudo chmod -R 755 forcedeth.kext

sudo kextload forcedeth.kext

32) With any luck, the forcedeth kext will load, and System Preferences will pop up an alert you have an unconfigured network card.

33) Click open, the new window opens, click the "advanced" button, then click "Ethernet" tab.

34) Set Configure: Manually, Speed: Autoselect, MTU: Standard (1500)

35) If you're running DHCP, you should receive an IP. If you're not, you saw where to enter that info.


now i have no internet access. i am very new to mac and the language so i will appreciate if someone will offer help to this


other than that the installation is quite smooth



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