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Okay so this is my 3rd attempt at a private server, although I'm not hosting it. I've been a GM on past ones with the same team but they always seem to fail, since we havn't done anything that special.... this time will be different I think. We are going to try and be a mostly PvP oriented server that kinda takes HSWoW and tries to improve it. Here's some features:



>Set on the lovely outskirts of the Black Temple, we have set up a battlefield, with the ruins of Karabor for alliance and the other side for Horde. At the top of both of these are faction bases, with bosses and all that jazz. Killing these rewards you with sweet loot (more on that later).

>While many servers are pvp focused, it seems that on many of these they don't provide for a place for PvP to happen. Sure SW is fun to hit, but it kinda gets old for a while. We have "tried" to fix that with having direct portals to it.

>While this is in outland, we are currently not going to allow flying mounts at the battlefield, due to the fact that you could simply fly right into the base.


General features:

>Currently we have instant 70, but in the future we have it planned so that you have the option to either instant 70, or level on a road for tokens.

>Mall. Buy everything you could want for free.... yadda yadda yadda.

>Gear. Okay, those tokens you heard about. This is where they come in. Right now you cannot buy S2 or anything past T4. With tokens you can. Also, if you get enough, you can buy custom gear.

>Donors. Donors make the server go round, but they also make non-donor suicide rates go up (on the server). So we're tried to take a diff approach to donors. While we still offer donor gear, they do not have nearly the power as other servers. The rule reward for donors is modded spells. Everysingle donor will receive a crusader aura type spell, except faster. You can also ask for a custom spell (within reason though). We havn't fully decided on this yet though... more to come.

>Houses. While this doesn't seem that original, it is of note. You can receive a house(only yours, not instanced) with a custom spell to it and custom furniture (placed by a GM of course).



We are still in beta and accept limited amounts of people, but head to mncwow.com for more info.


Realmlist = mncwow.servegame.com

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