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Gigabyte SATA/IDE help

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After nearly getting my system to where I want it and making a simple installer addition to my install disk I realized one issue My gigabyte controller needs to be set to AHCI to boot Leo and if it is not it cannot be 'seen by 10.5.x However if I boot using a brazilmac patch installer I can see the drives on the gigabyte ports even if it is set to IDE when I boot into the installed Leo that kext file is no longer there (or has been changed by the installer )


What my question is if anyone else has a similar M/B what is the correct kext file needed for the 2 Gigabyte SATA and 1 IDE port to be correctly used (if it can be done from install dvd it can be done elsewhere)


The main reason behind this is so I can try different install methods etc etc - as my first install I only need to delete AppleEFIRuntime.kext and not AppleCPUPowerManagement.kext then from there directly install 10.5.2 update modify installatstartupfile file but thats as far as I want to take my main install would rather do this on a seperate drive


I hope you all can understand now what I am trying to achieve ( an installation that not even Apple could screw up I am even thinking renaming dsmos.kext to Dont steal osx kext so updates can work with no patching )

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