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So I just got Kalyway installed on my computer. I'm trying to figure out how to check if it detects and is using my video card. I've got an NVidia 8800 GTS (512 MB). The resolution was really low and wouldn't go higher but I installed something which I forgot... NInject or something. And now the resolution is good.


And second thing, I forgot to not sign into my wireless network when installing. Am I screwed?

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1. Click on the Apple > About this Mac > More Info > Graphics

You'll see information about your card.

You should see your resolution here.

Core Image: You'll want this to say "Hardware Accelerated," but it can also read "Software" or "Unsupported."

Quartz Extreme: You want it to say "Supported"

NVInject is what you installed.


2. No. Just connect to your network post-facto.

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Thank you for the response!


But now I'm having a very difficult time getting it to resize. It's only 8 GB, and I have 40 more gigs I want it to take up.


I saw that thread but it's not helping. I've made a bunch of different partitions using GParted (FAT32, no format partition, NTFS) and when I go into Mac and do "diskutil list", only 3 things come up: something about a partition at the top, says it's 128GB*, whatever that means. Then the Mac partition, then Windows. But I can't get any other partitions to show up so I can merge them. FRUSTRATION! Can anyone help?

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