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etc/rc and a few other things


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Hello, I found a post which stated a tutorial to possibly solve my resolution problems. I did lots of searching (being as nobody wanted to help) and found it.


1. Download cscreen (or google for it) extract the files from the zip.

2. Move the cscreen executable to your home directory (the one that looks like a house)

3. Open a terminal window.

4. Type: cp ~/cscreen /usr/sbin ; cp ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.apple.windowserver ~/ ; cp ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.apple.preference.displays* ~/ ; cp /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist ~/ ; sudo -s


Enter your password when prompted.


5. Type: rm ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.apple.windowserver*

6. Type: rm ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.apple.preference.displays*

7. Type: rm /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist

8. Type: pico /etc/rc

9. Use the arrow keys or your 'End' key to navigate to the last line.

10. Move up 8 lines so the cursor is ABOVE the line reading "touch/var/run/.systemStarterRunning"

11. Type: /usr/sbin/cscreen -x 1024 -y 768 -r 60 -d 32


If 1024x768@60Hz isn't the mode you want, vary #11 to select the mode you want. -x is screen width, -y is height, -r is refresh rate, -d is color depth


12. Use Control+X to tell pico to exit. When it asks to save/overwrite, SAY YES.

13. Type: pico /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist

14. Place your cursor on the line above "</dict>" Press enter to insert a new line.

15. Type: <key>Graphics Mode</key>

16. Press enter for a new line. Type: <string>1024x768@60</string>

Use the same numbers you used in #11, the format is 'Width'x'Height'@'Refresh Rate' without the '.

17. Write the Boot.plist file using Control+X, say yes to overwrite like before.

18. Type: shutdown -h now


However, when i do pico etc/rc it basically says New File in the terminal. Which obviously isnt right because i cannot complete the things i need to do. ive booted it into windows and am looking through private/etc however i am struggling to find the file BUT, maybe, just maybe, someone could point me in the right direction this time aye? ;)

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Thanks fassl, i noticed you helped us on the other forum, i think im probably going to use that one more :D but cheers. Like i said on there, i've noticed the file is slightly different, so will the same rules to this tutorial apply or will they differ slightly?

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