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  1. iAtkos S3 on Asus

    I was able to get it to the state where pretty much everything but the HD Graphics worked. I have a feeling we will never see a graphics kext as I've heard Apple skipped over our generation. Disappointing as it's a stunning laptop with tonnes of potential. No worries. I think from now on, I've got to aim for PC's rather than laptops. Fun ride though
  2. iAtkos S3 on Asus

    Hi Buddy, I actually used one of the alternative kernels available. This seems to be a glitch, possibly with this particular processor and the vanilla kernel. I'm using qoopz 10.3.0, but I find that very glitchy. PCJ is a more solid option, but isn't perfect. I have not tried the qoopz 10.2.0 or the atom kernel. 10.2.0 should work on i5 processors. Unfortunately, there is still no solution available for the HD Graphics, which is unfortunate. I know the Intel Integrated Graphics aren't great, but they are a solution. Some Macs offer them, but we just haven't quite cracked it. I've actually got the machine on one or two occasions to load the kext required, but it does not actually get to the desktop. When I updated the install to 10.6.5 using the PCJ kernel, I wrecked the install. Although if anyone can tell me otherwise that would be good. The vanilla kernel does begin to load but unfortunately restarts half way through loading. I can't get a good reading from the verbose output. The PCJ kernel doesn't even get to the spinning wheel or any kind of system output. The amazing thing is, so many of these laptops have the same system configurations yet nobody is willing to sit in and help as we gradually iron out solutions. Many laptops have the same motherboard as mine, processor, hell lots have the same integrated graphics, yet instead of trying to solve it, we just... don't. Most annoying is a lot of the problems people are having will be fixed when some of the little glitches are sorted. :\ ah well
  3. iAtkos S3 on Asus

    okay fixed the trackpad issue, just use the old Apple PS2 Kext instead of the voodoo one. Tried to update to 10.6.4 from a pen drive and it totally died (kernel panic). Also nackered the install. Going to try over a USB wireless. okay, so this is where I'm at: Qoopz kernel 10.3.0. Can't tell if it's this that is making it a bit ropey. ApplePS2Trackpad. Works for Trackpad and Keyboard. AppleHDA. Works fine. Intel HD Graphics. Not working, but I haven't got beyond 10.6.3 yet unfortunately. Wireless. Not working. Wired. Not working. More updates to come
  4. iAtkos S3 on Asus

    Has anyone yet found the time to lend a hand or are we all feeling a bit tight at the moment? From what I've heard the JMicron Internal Wireless is a no go and I'll have to work something else for that. What about the BGN Wireless card though, has anyone got any knowledge on that?
  5. iAtkos S3 on Asus

    Another update. I'm shelving this little project temporarily. So far what I can say is working: Audio, DVD Drive, WebCam Unfortunately, I had problems with other things. I didn't update the kernel to 10.6.4 or 10.6.5 which would be my next move.
  6. Need kext for Intel 1000 BGN wireless

    I would also like to ask if there are any compatible kexts for this wireless card...
  7. iAtkos S3 on Asus

    okay. getting there, but not quite right. got it to the welcome screen, but unfortunately only the keyboard is detected. Not the trackpad. I could plug in a USB mouse I suppose, and try using that, but that doesn't solve the problem for the future unless I grab a kext off the net somewhere Any help? I have a sneaky feeling its not a standard Synaptics quick update: Fast as hell loading and running, but just need to fix the little things wrong: The pad is an ELAN PS/2 Touch Pad The wireless isn't working, its an Intel Wireless BGN 1000 (will keep you updated) The wired is a JMicron PCI Express Networking Card. The graphics are Intel HD Graphics, but I haven't tried these yet. I haven't put any flags about x64 or arch=64... would it be worth it?
  8. Hi Guys, Got myself a Asus X52F (same line as the K52F,K62F). It's an I5 460 Processor. Intel HD Graphics. etc Just trying to get S3 Iatkos onto it. Slowly getting closer but having a few little problems. I'm sure you guys can help out. Currently it doesn't boot. If I turn it on Chameleon RC4 shows, but when I try to boot it gets to the Apple, but no spinning wheel. With the -v flag it gets to the black system output screen but no text is output whatsoever. It just hangs. So it's as if it's not getting beyond Chameleon. Any ideas? Also, in system profiler, it's only showing as 2 cores. As this is a hyperthreaded i5, should it be showing 4? any help would be great
  9. Card reader on Acer Aspire One A150

    Did you install Snow Leopard? If so, not sure about the monitor issue. Had a similar problem when I plugged in a monitor and then whacked it on external display. The SD card thing is basically, you have to put the SD card in the slot before boot. Not sure about the internal mic, never had the problem with that. External and internal speakers both work and haven't tried external mic. As for the wireless, I just use a USB wireless card. It isn't worth taking the thing apart to install a wireless card imo.
  10. Acer Aspire One AOA150 ZG5

    This is a Intel SpeedStep thing. SpeedStep basically scales back your processor to save energy while unplugged. While plugged in, the CPU should scale to about 600Mhz (although I don't know what processor yours is) but when an application loads should run at 1.6Ghz. On mine, when on battery it is sorted of restricted at between 600-800 to preserve battery life. Mine isn't too bad at 600Mhz (mine is on battery right now and it's easily usable) but the fact the battery is total {censored} is more of a problem, because I barely get an hour and half out of this thing and for what it's worth it may as well run at full power. Not sure how it can be fixed.
  11. AspireOne TrackPad Glitch

    Got 10.6.4 and it's great, but there is a tiny glitch. Everytime I boot, it seems to forget that I have double click set on the trackpad. Once I go into the System Preferences I can set it to double click again, and it is more of an annoyance than a massive problem, I just wondered if others had struggled with this too? I know the netbook subsection of this forum gets limited views, so i've posted it here at the moment, but I may repost in another forum if nobody responds.
  12. What about if I use Macrium reflect backup software. Lets say I installed it on another machine, then loaded the partition onto the RAID using that? How does that sound?
  13. Still had no luck myself. Tried to install it the other day but wouldn't have it. If I initialize the hard drive (its currently RAW) is there a way I could force the install if its not willing to pickup the DVD drive. I'm a little gutted that I've not been able to do it tbh.
  14. Ahh, I see. Thats unfortunate. I mean, the partition is there to go and what not. I'm amazed you can't install directly onto a RAID. In the end, it should just see it as a single partition.