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CPU change...ummm ya


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I had leopard running on a 1.5 Pentuim 4 great... but my friend gave me a 2.53 P4 with the same FSB as my old.


So, I was like AWESOME! but now 10.5.1 gives me a kernel panic when i try to boot.


So, is there a way i can change the SMBIOS or something to make it compadable with my new CPU? or do i have to reinstall it? it doesnt matter...





P4 clocked at 2.53Ghz with a FSB of 533/ 512 L2 cache (sse/sse2) no Hyperthreding.

Motherboard is an intel D845GVSR ICH4/i845G Chipset.

Mem is 768 MB with 1 512 and 1 256 sticks.

Using iATKOS 1.0i r2


NO VINILLA (a given...lol)


is that enough info? if not, i got more.


Thanks again!

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