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drive write problems

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i am having some pretty strange problems. i am currently running 10.4.3, and everything was running great for about 2 weeks. recently i have been having problems writing to the hard drive (i think). here are my symptoms:

  • cannot create new users
  • cannot create new folders or files
  • mail keeps telling me "home folder is full" and forcing me to quit
  • itunes keeps telling me "cannot update intunes library"
  • when i try to download with safari, it gives me "error creating file"
  • when i use camino, if i close the program and try to open it again, it says "another copy of camino is already running"
  • when i try to boot to my install dvd to run disk utility or even reinstall, it just boots right back to tiger

usually these things are not a problem for the first 2 or 3 minutes after i boot up, but they come back every time. anyone have any clue what might be my problem? here are my specs:


amd 64 newcastle 3200+ (SSE2)

msi k8t motherboard

80 gig ata hardrive (system)

2 80 gig sata hardrives (1 empty, other has itunes music)

nvidia gforce2

512 mb ram


like i said, it was all working perfectly a couple of weeks ago. the only tweaking i have done has been with my boot.plist file trying to get my resolution up to 1280x1064, but that didn't work so i went back to default. thanks in advance!

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have you tried running disk utility, and repairing the permissions for the partition that your OS X install is on? :dev:

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when i repair disk permissions, it seems like it works for a under a minute before it reverts back to it's original behavior. i think maybe the disk permissions it repairs are not sticking.


is there a command-line repair permissions command i can use at boot?

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