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    OSx86 ;-) <br />Networking<br />VW<br />Electronica<br />Cosmology<br />Howard Stern<br />Simpsons/Futurama/FamilyGuy<br />[adult swim]<br />etc...
  1. Somewhere I have an old Apple IIc and two old Mac LCII's that I haven't played with. I do have my family's first computer though, a Mac Plus from 1986 now upgraded from the original 1MB to 4MB, and including the old school gigantic 20MB hard drive underneath and the Imagewriter II. I recently cleaned them out, and it still boots faster than most of my PCs! gotta love all the old games on the 8" B&W screen ;-)
  2. jbjonas


    I voted for "Windows is more like OS X than Linux" Perhaps I can explain why, though it was a hard choice and I could see how one could agree with any of those statements. I believe that Linux, though relatively new itself, carries on the stability, complexity, and level of control of the OS that was born in UNIX-type systems and their predecessors. The many front end user interfaces available for different Linux variants are all wonderful and different, though all based on the original fundamental mouse and window concept created by those at Xerox research labs or whatever, and then developed and made accessible to the masses by Apple and the Mac... Windows, though great because it is economically and strategically easy to implement, or perhaps just came around at the right time and has stolen a huge market share- has obvious faults in lack of stability and lack of simplicity and intuitive flow... It is also based on that same mouse and window concept, and merely took a great idea made popular by Apple and 'supersized' it, making it cheaply and widely available to everyone and their brother. Microsoft continues to attempt to catch up to the stability, ease of use, and simplicity yet available complexity of UNIX-family OS's, like BSD, Linux, Free-BSD, etc, and now Darwin, and hence OS X. Vista is simply an example of this - while Apple continues to evolve into something better (ie 10.5.x.x and beyond), Microsoft struggles to create something as amazing as 10.1.x.x yet still make it as cheap and widely implemented as possible (with the obvious faults therein). So, in my logic (or attempt at such) Windows is more like OS X than Linux because Windows is constantly attempting to keep pace with the great qualities of OS X, and is less like Linux, with it's complexities and 'niche' market, etc. I dunno, that is my take on this Hagar. I hope it makes sense, although written at 5am in a fit of insomnia. Anyone please feel free to edit, complicate, simplify, compound, or evolve on my attempts at logic. I'm just glad to be an observer (and try to be part of) the amazing evolution of Operating Systems over the last 20 years of my computer-consciousness. On a related side note, I have decided to sell my Frankenstein XP/10.4.3 Pentium 4 machine for whatever I can get, and use the proceeds and (hopefully) my tax return funds to purchase a Macbook. All advice or guidance on this will be helpful (though not in this thread) Hagar, I have missed interacting with you. Recently I have been thinking of a year ago, and all that I have learned from you and others on the IRC channels and forum... Not only about technological advances, but also about life and how to live it. Thanks for making me (try to) think logically tonight, I needed that again. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this forum and everything related to it?
  3. jbjonas

    Happy Birthday to Us!

    Yay!!! Happy Birthday OSx86Project! This is a momentous anniversary, and hopefully only the first year of many exciting years of progress to come.
  4. simple answer. One word searches work fine. Make the Boolean searches (and searching for a "phrase in quotes") work better. Something more like Google. Currently the results from an on site search using boolean search terms are confusing at best, and erroneous and useless otherwise. I have suggested using an in page google site search before, but there are obvious drawbacks there as well. Most notably, results would only be from the latest googlebot cache. So I don't know the solution, but that is what I think needs to be fixed...
  5. Yes, use Pacifist to extract files... It is soon coming out as 2.0 which is Universal here: http://www.charlessoft.com/
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    IRC Downtime - March 27, 2006

    revision- see the main page for news! :censored2:
  7. jbjonas

    IRC Downtime - March 27, 2006

    No, it should be back up very soon now Again, no exact time, but very soon it should be ready
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    Yes, the IRC channel is down, while it is enhanced. Check out this announcement about it. It should be back up very soon.
  9. jbjonas

    Office:Mac for OSX86

    Or just get Toast. Mac program for burning kinda like Nero. Once you install it, you can right click on your .dmg and choose open with - Toast to open it for burning to CD or DVD!
  10. jbjonas

    Clock Settings

    Or the easy option, is to just set your OS X install to the GMT timezone, and turn off it's auto-update. Then everything will work fine, and Windows can still sync the time.
  11. jbjonas

    networking Mac and pc

    Yes, it's called Samba. You can enable it in the Sharing pref pane... Look around in there
  12. jbjonas

    remote desktop over http

    You can make VNC use any port you want... I wonder if it would work using 443?
  13. jbjonas


    look at the WIKI page on this already a nice list...
  14. jbjonas

    Finder crashes

    I have the same problems on my T30 trying to use 10.4.3 8F1111A I had to intall native, but through vmware. When I'm using it, most things seem normal (though a few preference panes crash on opening) but I also get random crashes, usually within 5-10 minutes of boot. I haven't noticed any patterns with the crashes. I've pretty much given up on the T30, but I would love to find a solution!
  15. jbjonas

    And the iPod winner is...

    definitely man, but thanks for being PC...