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Remote Start Mac Pro?

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I just switched to MAC from PC... :-) wish me luck..


My PC was in another room, since I don't want the noise. The mac pro is louder than my PC, so it definitly has to be in the other room too...


The problem is, that the room is downstairs and I have to walk all around the house to get there. So with my PC I simply opened it, and soldered a cable to the switch, which I pulled into them mainroom.


Now.. with the mac pro I really don't want to do soldering etc..


Is there a way I can turn on my mac pro (newest generation) remotely..


I tried with the keyboard.. but it didn't work.

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If it is shutdown you cant start it (unless you programmed it in Energy Saver pane)


You can make it sleep and wake it remotely.


I did wake my Powerbook with a perl instruction from windows:

C:\Perl\bin\perl -MNet::Wake -e "Net::Wake::by_udp(undef,'00:03:93:xx:xx:xx')"


but there are also Apps for Mac (WON = Wake on Mac, or WOL for Mac).

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The Mac Pro is louder?!? That's strange. I've always thought they were whisper quiet, that being a good selling point. The heatsinks have ~500 square inches of surface area, so the fans shouldn't be running (and making any noise) so all you should have is Hard Drive noise (which should be very quiet too).


Edit: Oh, and as for remote turning it on, you want a hardware solution right? You obviously don't want a software solution seeing as you don't like computer noise near you (so what would be there to turn it on?).


Therefore I would suggest just putting the Mac Pro to sleep. It'll only use enough power to keep the contents of RAM alive. Then just pressing any key on the keyboard or clicking the mouse will turn it on.


I dread to imagine how much legwork you'd need for changing what's in the optical drive.

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:rolleyes: Hi, Thanks a lot guys.

I'll try via ethernet.. but I will always have to use a second computer to start it.. bit weird..



As for the loudness. Well the MacPro is pretty silent when idle.. definitly among the more silent computers I have heard.

When under load it gets pretty loud though.


I use the computer in my homestudio and my former PC was very very silent. passive cooler for CPU and the hardrives in special boxes. Still, the power supply made some noise.. so I fed up with making it more silent and just put it in the cellar...


Alone the HD seek of my mac pro is soo loud.. untolerable. :censored2:


I have high expectations. still for a studio computer the mac pro is far too loud.


the thing with the sleep.. I'll look into it.. since I'll have windows on it too, it could become a bit unhandy.


But anyway. Thank you for your suggestions. I might have a look at the switch all the same :blink:

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