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    Burn bootable dmg from Win?

    A friend of mine and I are interested in getting 9A466 working on his G4. The problem is that while I have a DVD+/-RW DL on my Windows machine, he only has a DL reader in his G4. I know that I could repartition the iPod and do that, but has anyone had any success in burning a Bootable DMG through Windows? That would simplify the entire process, as I already have DVD+R DL's sitting right here. Thanks!
  2. AWhiteFlame

    Geforce4 440 Go (64MB)

    Hi there. I'm having insofar no luck trying to get my nVidia GeForce4 440 Go 64MB graphics card working on my HP Pavilion zv5410us notebook. In trying to look it up I saw that this same card was used in the 1 GHz 17" PB ( http://www.macobserver.com/article/2003/01/07.15.shtml ), so I'm thinking that it should be easier to get it working .. but I can't figure it out. I tried MacVidia 1.0.81, but after installing I could not boot past the initial framebuffer. I'm using the "Leo4All v2" DVD at the moment, but the resolution is at 1024x768 stretched across my widescreen with no GPU acceleration. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
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    Any news on this project? Trying to get an old Powerbook running with an ACX100-based PCMCIA card. Thanks!
  4. AWhiteFlame

    convertir un .dmg

    Je suis désolé mais je vous conseille d'emprunter un mac à un ami ; je n'avais aucun succès à graver les images .dmg sous Windows même avec des logiciels qui «soutiennent» cet usage. Si ce mac n'a pas de graveur, tu peux du moins la remplacer par une image .iso avec Disk Utility.
  5. AWhiteFlame

    Leopard Macs able to run Tiger

    True that. Jobs stated that they had been developing OS X since 10.0 to work on both platforms, but 10.0-10.3 were never released; They were just developed. Therefore, someone who is not an internal Apple developer with access to old OS X trees cannot run 10.0-10.3 on Intel Macs.
  6. AWhiteFlame

    Remote Start Mac Pro?

    If it's connected to your network via ethernet, you should be able to use WoL to wake it up.
  7. How is the location finder on the iPod Touch? According to Steve Jobs' keynote, it depends on the triangulation of known wifi networks? Does that mean it only runs in urban areas? Can anyone report on how well it works on the iPod touch only? Thanks!
  8. AWhiteFlame

    Attn Those Who Have GMap 1.1.3 on iPod Touch

    I hate to bump my own post but does no one have an iPod touch with Google Maps that can report at all on its ability?
  9. AWhiteFlame

    iPod for Time Machine

    If you split the disk into two partitions, Time Machine won't recognise the second as a time machine-capable volume? (Assuming you have disk mode enabled..?)
  10. AWhiteFlame

    Leopard Macs able to run Tiger

    Restore disks from one model of a mac don't tend to work on a different model mac.
  11. I think you're correct Sureiyaa, I've noticed similarly.
  12. Hi there. I'm looking to buy a 15" MBP that's C2D. I'm in high school, and I'm trying to manage getting a car, paying for insurance, and getting an MBP. (Yeesh.) The reason being is that I've been developing with C/C++ since I was pretty young (first started on VC++ using MFC and the like just before the turn of the century), and I really want to start working with Objective-C and Cocoa. C2D is important because I would like to have available to me the 64-bit nature of Leopard, and having a MBP over a MB is important as I would like to have a somewhat decent GPU at my dispense if I ever need CoreAnimation or if I do any work with OpenGL. Right now, a friend and I are working on an open-source BitTorrent client, and I'm pretty eager to see if I can start building the OS X GUI for it. I used to play around with XCode on my Powerbook G4 Ti @ 500 MHz, but the logic board seems to be fried and won't turn on. The battery was also dead, fans were extremely loud, the AirPort card no longer worked and the LCD backlight only worked if it were open at one particular angle. In any case, I was wondering if anyone were willing to sell for <$1000ish. Even at that, I'm not sure if it is feasible for me right now, but seeing if I would even be able to get one at this price would be the first step in finding out if I can. Thanks in advance.
  13. AWhiteFlame

    MBP Display Hinge

    Hi all. I recently purchased a used MBP CD on eBay and all is well, except I've found that the display hinge is a little more loose than I'd like. If the display is about 60 degrees or less to the keyboard, the display will just fall. Is there a way to tighten up these things, or do they just wear out? Thanks in advance.
  14. AWhiteFlame

    MBP Display Hinge

    :S Ooo.. Has no one else ever had this problem? Maybe with newer Powerbooks?
  15. AWhiteFlame

    iChat problem in Leopard

    Same thing was happening to me trying to initiate a video chat, but I just assumed it was because the other person was running 10.4
  16. AWhiteFlame

    new Gen Ipod Video coming?

    IMO, they'll likely come out with a 6g iPod very similar to the iPod functionality in the iPhone soon, probably sometime after Leopard, maybe just before the Holiday season, maybe after. Reason being: They want to encourage people to buy the iPhone, which is both this iPod + Phone + everything else, before they encourage people to just buy the iPod part of it. Edit: I don't know why I said 6GB. I meant 6G, as in generation.
  17. AWhiteFlame

    Install OS X on MBP using MB install disc?

    Is it still under warranty? If so, call Apple up. They might be able to send you replacement discs. If not, bring the MBP to an Apple Store. They might be able to help.
  18. AWhiteFlame

    [No longer buying] 15" Core Duo Macbook Pro

    Scratch that. eBay is a wonderful thing. Thanks!
  19. AWhiteFlame

    Burn bootable dmg from Win?

    To copy the image over and over is a lot of copying on very small HDD's. Is there any way to convert and burn directly? I tried transmac but I don't think it likes DVD+R DL.
  20. AWhiteFlame

    Another installing leopard thread

    Grass wallpaper. Ew.
  21. AWhiteFlame

    [No longer buying] 15" Core Duo Macbook Pro

    Actually, thinking about it again, I realised that Core 2 Duo really isn't imperative because I can cross-compile 64-bit binaries with a 32-bit processor. So does anyone have an MBP that they'd be willing to sell in this range? PM me if interested. Thanks a bunch.
  22. I have to agree with you. Objective-C hurts my eyes.
  23. AWhiteFlame

    Warning for stupid users?

    "This is a six inches extension cord"? It must be foreign. They can't use their articles correctly >.<
  24. AWhiteFlame

    iLife 05 v. 06

    I'll be receiving it tomorrow. Thanks for your input, guys
  25. AWhiteFlame

    iLife 05 v. 06

    Hey guys. Last week I bought a few years old, Powerbook G4/500, 512 MB RAM, OS X 10.3.9 notebook off of ebay. It hasn't even arrived yet, I think it should get here around Wednesday. I'd like to get one of the iLife's but I'm not sure which to get. It is an older notebook, so I'm leaning toward iLife 05, but would iLife 06 run better for any reason? It has higher system requirements, so I'm assuming that it will be alot more sluggish on just a 500. Also, Panther v. Tiger? Any opinions? It comes with Panther, on this old of a notebook, keep Panther or upgrade to tiger? Any opinions? Thanks!