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Kalyway 10.5.2 .. error at installing


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hey guys..

i'm using kalyways latest release (10.5.2) to install it on my system (specs in my sig.) ...

but everytime after selecting the packages when it comes to writing the stuff to the hdd it strikes and tells me the installation went wrong and i should reboot the computer ...

in the installation protocol it says that after starting file extraction there is a BomFileError 5: then it tells the direction of i think the 1st kext to unpack cause it is the acard6885m and when i deselect this .. the next following kext will be loaded but with the same error..

after this it says error extracting archive and pkgExtractor exited with error 1 while processing package.... BaseSystem.pkg

after this it only tells my destinationvolume and puts out the message for the installer and the physical memory allocation...

i hope some1 can help me with this ...

thanks in advance..

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