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  1. Ichixgo

    Huawei 169(g) not working anymore

    I love ya for this driver : DDD It works like a charm !!!!!!!!!! ))) I really appreciate you i'm right now posting this from a workin hack with huawei internet access )))
  2. maybe the problems certain people achieve while using my dsdt is cause there are two revisions of the EP45-UD3 and I am certainly using Rev. 1.0. There is also a revision 1.1 which may have other hardware adresses for built-in parts
  3. ehm which dsdt did you download ? the one i provided at the beginning ? this doesn't contain any graphic support you have to add it manually to the dsdt or just load it with efi strings. ehm about the reboot failure you just have to recompile the dsdt with iaslme and the search for the rtc tab and edit length to 2 instead of 4. or just wait for me to come home then i can upload you a dsdt with reboot fix and if you tell me what graphic you're using i can add graphic support for you.
  4. Ichixgo

    Huawei 169(g) not working anymore

    I'm very grateful will test your driver as soon as I get home. peaze
  5. as i remember there was a script on the page i linked. with this you can create a dsdt under mac os with the terminal. otherwise you could also just install vm ware or parallels and to it under this trivial windows ^^ thanks a lot for your advices mm67 ^^
  6. greetz dude, how about typing "P5B Deluxe 10.6" in the search tab ? just try to set up a totally vanilla system and then just see what works after the installation and try to fix the non working parts ; ) or just follow this link ^^ PM firezero and pm the guy because he has a retail snow leopard running on your board ^^
  7. Ichixgo

    Best pc for the hackintosh conversion.

    vanilla means a non modified system ; ) with leopard a lot of modified kernels appeared and now with snow leo people are trying to use "raw"/vanilla/original kernels in order to have as many complications as possible ; ) like on a "normal" mac ^^
  8. Ichixgo

    Help with Snow Leopard + 9800GT

    theres only one way you have to decide whether you want to implement your graphic via dsdt or efi strings ^^ just add the efi strings for your 9800gt to the boot.plist ; )
  9. Ichixgo

    Chameleon RC3 won't countdown for boot

    in order for your changes to be saved you need to edit the boot.plist as root after following derekreids command you can just navigate through the document after editing the countdown time just press CRTL+X and then Y and afterwards just hit enter then reboot and see what happens ; )
  10. Ichixgo

    Applications won't start

    you using a vanilla kernel or patched one ??
  11. Ichixgo

    Cant see videos

    QE and CI are the main graphic processes of os x called quartz extreme (used for 3d hardware support for games, etc) core image likewise for desktop structures. and the thing that you dont see any videos in vlc just a black screen is a very dependable sign that you graphic card is not working properly so you don't have any quartz extreme and core image support how do you implement your graphic driver ? patched dsdt ? efi strings ? injector ?
  12. Ichixgo

    Change OS System Language

    yeah thats quite it ^^just extract the language.pkg out of your disc
  13. hey guys, I have a problem with my Huawei 169g. Its an USB UMTS/3G Modem and it worked fine with 10.5.x but right now under SL its not working anymore. I tried the MobilePartner software i got with the Stick. I also googled and tried several other Softwares like the Vodafone Mobile Broadband which was reported to be working excellent under SL. but while installing i got an error during the installation of USBExpressCardCantWake_Huawei.kext. and the kexts won't load. when I start up the System they're not loaded and when I tried to load them via terminal with kextload I get the following error --> /System/Library/Extensions/HuaweiDataCardDriver.kext failed to load - (libkern/kext) requested architecture/executable not found; check the system/kernel logs for errors or try kextutil(8). hoping for your help ^^ peaze
  14. Oo how did that happen ? kay wish you good luck
  15. no prob ^^ ehm you need to fix the permission on the dsdt before just exchange the dsdt on the thumbdrive for the new one. ^^ then open terminal ^^ type "sudo -s" hit enter. type your admin password. hit enter ^^ afterwards type "cd " then drag the Extra folder from the thumbdrive into terminal. then it will say something like this --> cd /Volumes/Thumbdrive/Extra then hit enter ^^ just to be sure now type "ls" and hit enter then it should list all the files in the extra folder ^^ afterwards just type "chmod -R 755 dsdt.aml" hit enter then type "chown -R root:wheel dsdt.aml" hit enter you got it ^^ afterwards you can start installing : ) if something wents wrong with the start up of the install tell me ; ) good luck ^^