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Stop 0x7b with Vista "boot camp"

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Okay some background info first:


Running 10.5.2 w/EFI v8 and I think modbin 9.2.2 kernel, but I'm not positive.

All drives are SATA with AHCI and Port 0-1 are running in Native IDE mode

One HDD is running Leopard, the other is running Vista 32bit


When I try to boot the "boot camp" partition on VMWare Fusion 1.1.2, I get a BSOD witht the Stop 0x7b message which usually comes up with AHCI problems with windows but I tried booting Leopard with AHCI disabled and got the same thing. I've scoured the net but I haven't come up with anything that's fixed it.


I tried setting scsi0.present to false but that did nothing. Any ideas?

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