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Leo4All v3 Install


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Installed Leo4All v3 with the following config:


Kernel: Vanilla 9.2.2

ACPIPlatform: 1.2.1

AppleSMBIOS: MacPro

Power Management

Chipset: Intel ICHx


Network Drivers: Skge/Broadcom

Good Applications


Overall, the install was easy, kind of long but that may be because of my laptop. I am use to Zeph release for amd on my pc which installed quick and everything was very clean. I dont like having to see the all the text as it boot/shutdown and most of the apps I dont like but thats a minor thing. Sound and video is a issue as well due to it being well a Dell. Overall, it works, but at the same time I wish that Zeph would release a intel version to.

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