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Instructions for how to test jalavoui's Intel drivers:


Step 1) Download script for getting logs

Download the getlogs.command.zip (attached to this post)


drag getlogs.command into the drive where OS X is installed (the root folder)


Step 2) Download driver

download the latest iwiXXXX driver (where XXXX is your wireless card) from the testing forum:



Step 3) Install

mount the iwiXXXX.dmg by double clicking

open the resulting iwiXXXX drive

drag networkSelector into the drive where OS X is installed (the root folder)

double click on iwiXXXX.pkg to install the driver

click continue

select partition where OS X is installed and click continue

click install

restart when required


Step 4) Testing

On restart hit F8 immediately (if applicable immediately after selecting os x)

In the darwin boot loader use the arrow keys to highlight the partition with OS x

Type "-s" and press enter (this boots OS X into single user mode)


Once you see localhost:/ root# type "sh /etc/rc"


Once you have seen localhost:/ root# again (or alternatively browse domain local)

Type "/networkSelector" and press enter

Type "1"

If you get kernal panic (kp) at any time take a picture of with a digital camera.

if you do net get kp press 1 again (then can be done repeatedly -- however if you are getting the same results over and over again ...)

press 5

type "/getlogs.command"

type "exit" to boot into OS X


Step 5)

boot up normally

open up network in system preferences

see if the wireless card is properly loaded as an airport

press apply if necessary

add any problems/results to your results post

you can also run network selector and see if you get any results (with os x recognizing card as an airport in system preferences - network)


Step 6) Upload results (you may need to use step 6 first)

Upload any logs/pictures to:


Before posting system.txt, edit it to just the most recent test or use ONYX to clear logs before testing

Add comment where applicable by adding return and #

(example attached to post)


Step 7) To uninstall driver:

Method 1

Restart computer

Boot into safe mode w/ "-x" (see step 4)

Open terminal: (where XXXX = your driver)

sudo –s

[enter password]

rm –rf /System/Library/Extensions/iwiXXXX.kext

rm –rf /Library/Receipts/iwiXXXX.pkg

rm /System/Library/Extensions.*

kextcache –k /System/Library/Extensions

close terminal and restart


Method 2

Boot into sade mode w/"-s" (see step 4)

Once you see localhost:/ root#

Type /sbin/mount –uw /

Then follow terminal instructions from above



Step 7)For further info check out:




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