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  1. help with Intel GMA 965 (X3100) on Snowleopard

    I have a m1330 with gma x3100 running 10.6.4 and can't get the graphics card to work even using your DSDT. Do I need to install non-stock kexts or change anything in com.apple.Boot.plist or smbios? Have been running in circles on this issue for days and would really appreciate some help!
  2. So it turns out I am having video driver issues. Occasionally I am able to "wake up" the all black screen, but I have not been able to every successfully boot a second time into SL and see the screen. When I attach an external monitor I can see that SL has successfully booted up, but the external is default set to the secondary so I can't do anything. Anybody have any ideas for what I can do? I have found a modified dsdt which is supposed to work but don't know how to replace the old one without reinstalling SL so I can see the primary monitor again. Are there any keyboard shortcuts which might allow me to swap the displays (or any other idea which would let me swap out the dsdt)
  3. I'm having some trouble with a MBR installation on a m1330. I am using Superhai's boot cd to boot a usb drive with a vanilla SL image on it. With no modifications I am able to boot up the install but cannot install SL because the partition I am installing on is MBR. I have tried However after making those changes the usb boot never gets past the initial screen (i have waited about 20 minutes before giving up). Can anybody who did a successful MBR install detail their steps please?
  4. Any idea why the mute no longer works? Ooh! Is there a way to make the mute button switch to the headphones?
  5. Dell XPS M1330 Hardware

    Speaker sound! So excited!
  6. Intel Wireless driver

    Take 2: So apparently the wireless switch wasn't working. Once I got the wireless switch working, restarted into single user mode. It said I got kp on turning the wireless switch on, but i didn't 833 Did get kp shortly thereafter. 834 Pictures attached. rebooted with wireless switch on and went through networkSelector on and off without kp tried to get logs then went to networkSelector and got kp 835 on safe mode restart no logs were saved.
  7. Intel Wireless driver

    3627 4965 got kp with wireless switch on picture attached logs for test with wireless switch got kp after trying to turn card back off (endless loop, no picture attached) dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt
  8. Intel Wireless driver

    Here is jalavoui's last post re:iwi2200
  9. Intel Wireless driver

    3618 4965 KP picture attached
  10. Intel Wireless driver

    #36124965First set of logs attached. Will do more testing later when I have more time.still getting the unhandled error. New message in logs. Froze in graphical interface with card on AND card off.I will try with switch later. I have never gotten the 4965 to be recognize as anything other than pci. I know when I was installing the Dell 1490 into the WAN slot I had to change /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist file as suggested in other threads (change en0 to en1 and the 0 to a 1 a few lines down), rebooted and Airport is working like a charmI am not sure whether this had to do with the fact that the card was in the WAN slot or something else. But it is probably worth a test.what steps did you follow to get the card recognized as ethernet? (specifically did you boot with a wireless switch on or off, into single user mode first, ...)dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt
  11. Intel Wireless driver

    post #3594 4965 logs attached. did not get undandle error, but froze on any attempt in graphical interface. tried with card off to start with and with card on dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt
  12. Intel Wireless driver

    I have started a new topic with information on how to test the drivers. Hopefully this answers any questions you have: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=71779
  13. Instructions for how to test jalavoui's Intel drivers: Step 1) Download script for getting logs Download the getlogs.command.zip (attached to this post) unzip drag getlogs.command into the drive where OS X is installed (the root folder) Step 2) Download driver download the latest iwiXXXX driver (where XXXX is your wireless card) from the testing forum: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...iew=getlastpost Step 3) Install mount the iwiXXXX.dmg by double clicking open the resulting iwiXXXX drive drag networkSelector into the drive where OS X is installed (the root folder) double click on iwiXXXX.pkg to install the driver click continue select partition where OS X is installed and click continue click install restart when required Step 4) Testing On restart hit F8 immediately (if applicable immediately after selecting os x) In the darwin boot loader use the arrow keys to highlight the partition with OS x Type "-s" and press enter (this boots OS X into single user mode) Wait Once you see localhost:/ root# type "sh /etc/rc" Wait Once you have seen localhost:/ root# again (or alternatively browse domain local) Type "/networkSelector" and press enter Type "1" If you get kernal panic (kp) at any time take a picture of with a digital camera. if you do net get kp press 1 again (then can be done repeatedly -- however if you are getting the same results over and over again ...) press 5 type "/getlogs.command" type "exit" to boot into OS X Step 5) boot up normally open up network in system preferences see if the wireless card is properly loaded as an airport press apply if necessary add any problems/results to your results post you can also run network selector and see if you get any results (with os x recognizing card as an airport in system preferences - network) Step 6) Upload results (you may need to use step 6 first) Upload any logs/pictures to: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...iew=getlastpost Before posting system.txt, edit it to just the most recent test or use ONYX to clear logs before testing Add comment where applicable by adding return and # (example attached to post) Step 7) To uninstall driver: Method 1 Restart computer Boot into safe mode w/ "-x" (see step 4) Open terminal: (where XXXX = your driver) sudo –s [enter password] rm –rf /System/Library/Extensions/iwiXXXX.kext rm –rf /Library/Receipts/iwiXXXX.pkg rm /System/Library/Extensions.* kextcache –k /System/Library/Extensions close terminal and restart Method 2 Boot into sade mode w/"-s" (see step 4) Once you see localhost:/ root# Type /sbin/mount –uw / Then follow terminal instructions from above Step 7)For further info check out: http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ system.txt getlogs.command.zip
  14. Intel Wireless driver

    post 3572 4965 my final test/post on this driver version (I swear!) standard logs attached. Don't think they are much different. HOWEVER, one time I did not get the unhandle error. Unfortunately in my excitement i typed exit into the networkSelector and it got stuck in a never ending loop. After numerous attempts to repeat the process and get the same result I had no luck I am also posting a picture of the success though (at least before I f*cked it up!) so close ... dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt
  15. Intel Wireless driver

    4965 No worthwhile picture to upload. the computer freezes at the blue screen of os x boot up after exit from single user mode with networkSelector leaving the card on If the card is off then os x boots up without freezing. still get the previous unhandle: iwl_rx_handle UNHANDLED - #0x3a UNKNOWN reclaim? 0 also when turning the card off get the following # Warning : requesting Mac access during RFKILL wakes up NIC _iwi_grab ... gpct1 = 0x080433c5 I will try again to getlogs for this, but for some reason the generate logs were empty.