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Grey Screen after Installing Leopard graphics update


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This only happens when installing the graphics update 1.0 which is needed to use the 8800GT, basically sometimes when my machine start up after the white apple screen I just get a grey screen and it stays like that, the machine is working though as I can increase volume on keyboard or eject drive, if I restart then it might boot into the dash or it might give the same sceen, it's kind of 50/50 if it will happen, this happened a few months back when I installed the graphics update for my 7600GT, hence the reason why I have not been using it but I have to for the 8800GT, any ideas?


Using the Gigabyte 954GCM-S2L/C2D CPU/Kalway with 10.5.2 Combo Update/EFI & Vanilla Kernel


I have to put my machine to sleep instead f shut it down for this reason, could someone please advise me what the problem is or look into it, need a working solution thanks as this is a major problem, anyone else who has it post here so we can try and take the problem to the highest level...

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