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    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Hi I need gma950 driver for 10.5.2, need 1366*768, only get 1024*768
  2. I'll see what I can do, the BIOS ones are simple, but the rest requires me to reinstall leopard from scratch which i'm not going to do..but you don't really need them ones as the the text provided is pretty much step by step...
  4. I got the same problem, reinstall should fix it...
  5. thanks forthe above reply, what USB BT adapterare ou isng?, does it support,"Allow device ot wake system from standby", many thanks...
  6. meansizzler

    Easiest dual boot guide ever...

    I couldn't believe there wasnota popular thread o nthis as it is the easiest way to run leopard and another os...
  7. meansizzler

    Easiest dual boot guide ever...

    This is the only way I can resintall using the time machine backup, so great for those who want to reinstall the OS...
  8. Nope too complicated, I gave up, infact I never even started, check the guide I made, it's simple as you can get, which I think is worthy of a sticky and the only one that should be a sticky... as it's straightforward and pretty much guaranteed to work for everyone who meets the criteria that is listed... have a nice day!
  9. Can't believe I never thought it it earlier, this will make all the other guides obsolete, this is for those who have built their system from scratch and have access to the bios.. all you need is basic knowledge of how to use CMOS, or the motherboard manual in front of you.. Beauty of this is that you can reinstall your os's as normal, all the other guides well it's pretty much pointless even looking at them if your wondering if you can or how you would reinstall the OS.. Preface: You need two hard drives for this, SATA only, it is pretty straight forward and logical, basicaly you have macos installed on one drive, and your other os installed on the other drive each have their own bootloader on their drive, all you need is a way to select which drive to start up and if you hit a certain key on system startup "Usually F12" then you get a choice which drive to boot. Howto: Ok well Installing the OS is the only hard step, but it's pretty logical if you think about it.. Let's refer to the MacOS Drive as A and Other OS drive as B Now I'm going to assume you have a working Mac OS install already and only one hard drive connected, if you have never installed mac os in your life then this isn't the right place for you, if you need to reinstall it for whatever reason, or just want a clean install then go about it the normal way.., no need to change any settings you used before.. once installed read below Now connect hard drive B to your motherboard, switch on pc and go into CMOS, go into Hard Drive Order, and select Hard Drive B as 1st drive, and A as second, now go into Boot Order should be as normal, CD Rom 1st and Hard Drive second, if there is an option to select which hard drive, choose B as second boot device then choose A for 3rd boot device if you can.. Save settings and when it reboots stick in your other OS disc eg.. vista/xp and install as normal.. Once it's installed shutdown pc, now time to make a decision... If you want Mac OS as the primary boot os then in the CMOS settings under hard drive order set A as first one, if you want Other OS as primary boot os then set B as first drive, save settings and do the same to the boot order if you need to according to what settings you chose... All Done Now in order to switch to the other OS on system start up hit F12 and select the other drive from the boot menu, note this will only boot this drive one time only, when you reboot it will go back to the BIOS settings/Primary OS you set.. If F12 does notwork check Motherboard Manual for what key you need to press to bring up Boot Menu... Pretty much the same as boot camp, i.e hit a button on startup and select what OS you want I have not actually tested this method.. , it just came to me, but I see no reason why it should not work... but all those who have complicated dual boot guides should take note Those who use this method then remember to thank me.. some of the mods on here don't appreciate me... so maybe you can help change their minds... Let me know if I have made any typo's/mistakes..
  10. Ok if I want to install on seperate disks, what settigns do I choose for these steps in your guide 4-5 8-9 Refer to Vista HD as V, and Leopard HD as L, i.e format V drive as this, create parition on L drive.. Sorry for asking so many questions buti followed a similimar guide which turned outto be a waste of time...
  11. Thanks, I have a spare hard drive for vista so how would I install the edual boot then so I can keep GUID for Leopard?
  12. not sure, not even got dual boot to work yet... so will need to test this...
  13. off topic but i have a kalway 10.5.1 install disc how do I add the 8800GT kexts and nvinjeckt 0.2.1 to it as well as the graphics update?, as they are all needed to otherwise when osx boots with the 8800gt I just get an error, tired of hot swapping with a 7600gt and installing nvinject/kexts/graphics update every time, my system is very small and it take about 40 minutes to swap the cards... also can you not just burn the osx86 disc to say a BD-R as it has a faster read speed of 20MB/s?, yes I have a blu ray drive so will that work?
  14. thanks for the reply, much appreciated, but will my time machine backup made using GUID boot on mbr?sorry but can someone make it truly step by step i.e include the mac os install, i.e what settings you set when you install it..eg.. efi/guid or mbr as it can be really confusing, i normally use efi/vanilla kernel and GUID for a single os install, but what do I choose for dual boot?