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Does Kalyway 10.5.2 install a boot menu ?

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Ouch.. this is 100% newbie.


1. If i throw Kalyway 10.5.2 in a machine with XP already installed, will a boot menu appears straight after the installation to let me choose OS to boot with.

2. What's better OSX86 then XP, or XP and OSX86 after ?



Thanks all !

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Kalyway installs the darwin boot menu, on which you have 5 seconds to choose, otherwise it will automatically boot from partition 1.


For me, it only works when I first install Kalyway and then XP Pro(choose MBR partitioning).


XP Pro will set its partition as active, so will automatically boot and skip on the OSX partition.

By setting the OSX partition active again, this will be the primary boot and your boot menu will show up.


It probably should also work the other way around, first XP and then OSX... Maybe even better, but for me that didn't do the trick.


And if you keep the XP Pro partition active, you could always edit the boot.ini file.

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