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X38-New Build Just Ordered

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BARRACUDA 7200.11 500GB $134.85 sata2 32 MB cache


EAH2600XT/HTDP/256M $142.55 graphics card


DH-20A3S BEIGE $40.15 dvdrw 20x


DI09A $62.95 case

ST85F $267.45 power supply silverstone


core 2 quad SLACR GO 2.4Ghz 8MB LGA775 $336.20


Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5 X38 LGA775 DDR2 1200 $361.14


Corsar TWIN2X4096C5DF ddr2-1066 4GB kit 5-5-5-15 $249.39


Just order these this morning and hoping for a nearly 100% compatible hackhas anyone else here got this setup I really hope it works with minimal hacks (Audio and maybe Lan are all I can Think of)


By the way I will be selling my old system see sig for anyone in NZ interested just pm a price you are willing to pay I may also be advertising on trademe once all components arrive

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