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Leo4all v3 10.5.2 install.. 1 nagging issue..


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I installed leo4all, selected all the relevant drivers/patches, but for the life of me I cannot get it to work with the nvidia drivers intact..


It's a bit of a pain cos everything else runs perfect..


My specs..


Asus k8v-mx

athlon 64 3400 (socket 754)

AGP Nvidia 6800gt 256meg

2gb ram

Onboard ac'97 sound

Onboard viarhine network (100mb)


everything works fine when i remove the nvidia drivers, but it only allows 1024x768 with no accelleration..


Would be great if I could get it to work


Any help is appreciated..

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Hi thelini, two things to check:

1) in the System Profiler, at your graphic card info, do you see AGP or PCI ?

If you didn't install the AGP Gart patch, or didn't use the right one, you'll never see it working, it will not show AGP, but PCI. :D

2) did you find any post related to your graphic card? I've tested several AGP cards, the easiest to work is nVidia but I've tested only the PCIEx version of the 6800, it works fine. Normally on Intel based MoBo I've used AGP Gart 1.2, also a crowd of people says that it's the only one working, but ... better test. :D


Anyway, you'd better install separately, first AGP Gart, then reboot, then the best driver I've used on all my mobos was NVinject 2.1, but also natit (dual or not) and Titan worked for me, depending on differnt graphic cards I used. With NVinject I have a total control on the two video outputs, but, take care, at the first succesful install (QE+CI at 1280x1024) I had the primary video on the secondary monitor. wasted some time to understand that it was working, but I had to get a second monitor, then move the white upper bar dragging from the second monitor to the 1st, to make it the primary... so my 1st monitor was simply blue, and made me crazy for a while. ;)


Empty Memory





OsX 10.5.2 kernel 9.2.2 EFI/Vanilla - ASUS P5LD2 - Core2duo E4400 - 2x1 GB DDR II Kingston - GF7300GS, All works OK


OsX 10.5.2 kernel 9.2.2 EFI/Vanilla - AsRock ConRoe eSata II - Core2duo E6800 - 2x2 GB DDR II Corsair - GF7600GT, All works OK


OsX 10.5.2 kernel 9.2.0 - ASUS A8N-SLI DeLuxe - AMD 64X2 3600 - 2x1 GB DDR Corsair - GF7200GS, All works OK

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Sorry for the delay..


Thanks for the help.. it's working like a charm..




I didnt install any of the nvidia drivers that came with leo4allv3.


I first downloaded and installed agpgart1.2.pkg then restarted..


I then downloaded and installed NVinstallerV.41.pkg selecting the "latest kexts and framework" and "Nvinject 256mb Vanilla" then restarted..


Lo and behold I have a fully working AGP 6800gt with full accelleration..


Superb.. Thanks for the help guys..

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