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  1. paperless

    iPod Software Update

    Im 98% sure it is. Even if something goes wrong you can always restore.
  2. paperless

    Leo4Allv3 Geforce 6800 NVInject No QE

    didn't work for me...it says the extensions weren't installed correctlydidn't work for me...it says the extensions weren't installed correctly
  3. I have the same problem but mine is PCI-E... It used to work fine on tiger. Is there anyway i could use the tiger drivers in leo? If so, how?
  4. Hey, i have your AMD 10.4.8 release installed (smooth as silk installation) and it runs flawlessly (i just had problems with the keyboard). If you need an AMD tester let me know. AMD 64 3500+ (SSE2 only) Abit AN8 Fatal1ty (nForce 4 ultra) nVidia 6800GT
  5. paperless

    Favorite Design Fonts

    My favourite is Kozuka Gothic Pro. Example:
  6. paperless

    FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    Can nayone reupload the PPF2 patch? links are not working.
  7. paperless

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    Im gonna try it on my machine: AMD 3500+ (s939) ABIT FATAL1TY AN8 (nForce 4 Ultra) 1 GB RAM NVIDIA GEFORCE 6800GT 15 GB Partition on an ATA HDD Which problems do you think i could ahve beforehand? Im googling for the ps2 kext (and also how to include it in the ISO :/) because i have had problems before with a JAS release. Wish me luck and i promise im not gonna quit until i get this sob working. EDIT: I saw a zephyrot forum saying the rev. 2 was already sent to the beta testers.. i guess ill wait for iit instead of going trough the headaches of fixing by hand what has been fixed in rev. 2. EDIT2: NVM, i cant wait i prefer to just go trough the headache .