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Heh, hackintosh won't boot with iPod Shuffle connected


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Pretty much as the title says; when my Shuffle is connected to a USB port, the machine won't boot up into Mac OS. I assume it's getting stuck looking for a system or such on the Shuffle (which is, after all, a USB drive of sorts.) This may be due to not having a boot loader installed on the system hard drive itself. (The Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD I used apparently didn't get the job done, so I just leave the DVD in during bootup; the machine gets the boot loader from the DVD, then can load the system from the hard drive. It's not that hard to get a boot loader installed, I just haven't been motivated enough yet to do it.)


Anyway, it's one more possible bug that people might run into. Obviously, you can just disconnect the Shuffle during startup if it's an issue.





Intel Badaxe 2 (BX2KR) motherboard

Kalyway 10.5.2

Core 2 Duo

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