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What do I need for G5?


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I previously thought about modding an old case, but the G5 is much more cooler and better even if it costs a few bucks more.


Can u say me what things i will need like motherboard, processor and video card.


Just sth that fits the case and is 100% compatible to OSX86.


I already read the sticky topic but every1 uses other Hardware and i dont know which one is best (prica and usability).



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Finally end up with


G5 Pro case

Coolingmaster PSU 550 Watt (enough?)


Intel DualCore 2x3GHZ + Zalman cooling

GeForce 7900 GT + Zalman Cooling


Think it will work?


P.S: Got original DVD-RW drive :D


Waiting for all parts now :D

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