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Things i need for G3/G4 Mac


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Hey ppl,

i wanna mod some Apple g3 or g4 Case coz it only costs like 30 dollars on ebay.


I have a Hackintosh Laptop running, so i know howto setup Mac B)


But now i got few problems....


Which things can i place in the g3 or g4 (that it fits the case) and what things would be best to run Os X?


I thought about a ASUS P5GZ-MX Logic Motherboard from ebay.


Which processor should I use (Intel of course) that runs 100% perfect with Mac. Which VideoCard will work with the mainboard and with mac? etc


So please help me and post me sth like


Motherboard: XXX

Processor: XXX

VideoCard: XXX

and say if for g3 or g4.


What would be easier to build?


and things i will need too. Im completly new to making computers in apple case.

Please only say if u know its compatible to OSX.


Planning to use a Sata-2 HDD from Macpro (300gb).

Greetz and thanks for reading





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