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Leo4AllV3 AppleSMBIOS choices question


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Sorry about the newb question...


But referring to the excerpt from the Leo4All V3 readme below, there are numerous choices available for AppleSMBIOS


My question is: Are the various AppleSMBIOS's offered with this install functionally identical, with the only difference being how the machine identifies itself in system profiler? Or are there actual differences in operation?


For example, if I choose "MacBook" because I'm using a laptop, is the hardware name the only real difference? or are there other changes which may affect functionality?


Cut / paste from the readme:




I put in lots of choices for different versions based on bus speed if you want it to show your proper memory speed, or if you want your hack to look like a real mac. The default install if nothing is selected is Netkas improved version 27.

Options are:









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i had the same problem choosing as well, name is not the only thing when it is time to install or use some programs then you will know / realise your mistake, i think you be better off with the old one anyway.

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