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Noob Alert - How can I make my display work correctly?


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Hello, I recently trying to make Kalyway OSX 10.5.2 working on my XPS m1710 Dell Laptop. It equiped with a nVidia 7950 GX card.


I finally got it to work after struggling to find the reason why the boot stopped at the infamous blackscreen, as I always put the unsupported nVidia drivers on the install disc.


Well, when I try to install the nVinject 0.2.1 512mb version, I'm still booting but my Display resolution is stuck with 1024x728 with no way to change to anything else. The System Profiler says also 1024x728.


I don't really know what to do, I'm pretty clueless how the things works and when I search for a solution I end up landing on threads that doesn't answer my questions.


I would need some step by step assistance on this I'm affraid.


Thanks ;)

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