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P5W Sleep issue solved...now USB problem

Cosmin Petre

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As the title suggests I was having some issues with sleep on my Kalyway 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 installation so I installed the new 10.5.2 DVD. Unfortunately I had the same problem, either the computer would sleep but not wake or it would sleep and immediately wake up.


When this happened the following message appears in Console:

USB caused wake event (EHCI)

I tried toggling the EHCI USB settings in BIOS but this made no difference.


By a process of elimination a million restarts I discovered that for some reason I can sleep and wake perfectly when Legacy USB was disabled in my BIOS. I use an apple wired white keyboard (not the new thin one) and a wired mighty mouse and noted that even after disabling USB legacy I would get the immediate wake when the mighty mouse was plugged into the keyboard bus and not directly into the computer.


Anyway I was glad to finally work this one out and maybe it will help somebody. My new problem is that I want to install XP and use a bootloader but with USB legacy disabled in BIOS I'm unable to use the keyboard until the OS is loaded so won't be able to use Grub etc.


Anyone got any ideas for a workaround/solution? I'd really like to keep sleep working in OS X as it's my primary OS. Would it help to buy a USB2.0 only Keyboard or is there a special USB kext I could try?


any help as always greatly appreciated

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