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AMD Leopard install problem


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Hi iv been trying to install leopard on my pc. currently running windows xp 64 and vista 64. getting bored of windows and liking the look of OSX i cant afford a MAC so the next best thing is to install leopard, i know it can be done on a AMD machine iv seen the videos and read many a thread about it... But im struggling.


I want to install it on a seperate HDD so it dont interfer with my windows partitions. Iv got a spare 40gb IDE hdd sat in the machine, but for the life in me i cant get it to format to MAC os journaled (if that the correct wording for it) every time i click on that hdd in leopards disk utility and select erase it pop up " input output error " iv tried loads of differant ways to solve this but i get the same message. Iv also formatted it in windows to fat32 as i read somewere that would help, but it failed.


I cant use acronis disk manager as its not compatable with windows x64. is there any other utilitys out there that will convert the hdd to what i need for windows..


I would love to have this os on my machine but im all out of ideas and i cant seem to find a solution on the net..



thanks in advance nathan

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