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World in Conflict & Cider


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After viewing the few threads here regarding Cider, I thought I would try to install WiC and get it working (installed, copied, modified info.plist, etc.). Unfortunately, it won't load, and the console doesn't give any clue as to what might be going on. I'm thinking that I need to edit the system.reg file and add WiC references to it from my Parallels installation. I did a quick test by replacing the "system.reg" file (in HD/Library/Preferences/GameTap Preferences) with the one I exported via RegEdit on the Parallels VM (even though I didn't edit out the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] precursors).


When launching the game, the replaced/Parallels system.reg file was overwritten with a new 4kb system.reg file that said:

;; All keys relative to \\\\Registry\\Machine

[system\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\ComputerName\\ComputerName] 1208897886


So I deleted the preferences folder, launched the Cider app and I had a new system.reg file that was much larger (96kb). So it seems that even if I could successfully edit the system.reg file, it would be overwritten upon launch, correct? (see edit below).


I found this guide regarding converting WiC to run in Wine, and I figured that I could use to run WiC in Cider (as it's a Wine-based app, correct?). The Wine tutorial required a reference DLL to be linked (dxdiagn.dll) in order for the DX10 check to be bypassed, but I'm not sure how to go about adding that reference to the config file in the GameTap preferences.


Any ideas?


Edit: (2/23/08)

I found out that I had to edit the files in Cider.app/Contents/Resources/Preferences. The app still does not run, but I have attached my modified Cider config and system.reg files (added WiC registry lines from Parallels installation registry) for anyone who wants to take a look to see what might be wrong.



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