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  1. Shambler

    COD Modern Warfare 2

    Want to let us know what fixed it? (for others reference)
  2. Shambler

    10.6.2 now KPs on boot

    I'm glad that solution worked for you, however I recommend just renaming the file, as opposed to deleting it, because once it's gone, it's never coming back! If it didn't work, you can always boot into the DVD (or your other install in this case) and rename the file and you'll be back where you started
  3. Shambler

    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Mitch Malone: Catchoftheday? I bought one too, been fiddling around with it and I'm having pretty much the same issues. Ethernet was going after I installed the kext, as is Bluetooth, however I'm having no luck at all with the wireless. Are you having the same issues with the blue fn keys? Frustrating...it's so close yet I know I'll probably keep getting annoyed at it if I can't resolve the keyboard. The wireless I may end up just doing a card swap.
  4. Shambler

    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the guide, it's helped me get a lot further with this install! I have to say it's a little more complicated patching your own disc (compared to the zillions of pre-built discs for 10.5) but the results are much more rewarding! However, I would like to ask a few questions! (saw that coming eh? ) Is anyone else experiencing crackly sound? It seems to stop after music has been playing for a few seconds, but it's a little annoying on sound effects. The other major problem I seem to be having is VERY slow ethernet. I have another hackintosh which is running Leopard with no issues, but when I try copy from it onto the Eee, it freaks out and starts transferring at about 1Kb/sec! One other issue I'd like to point out is I can't seem to get some of the function buttons working. Screen brightness and the sleep button work great, however I can't change the volume from the keyboard. I'm not sure if I'm just missing something obvious, but I don't remember having problems with my MSI Wind in this area. Thanks for all the hard work guys, it's great to have Snow Leopard on here at last! Sam
  5. Shambler


    I'd be willing to give it another go, although I have to admit the game is a lot more fun with the G25, something I'm not having any luck getting to work properly in OS X at all!
  6. Shambler

    Mount & Blade on a mac

    I gave it a go a long time ago, there were issues in wine that couldn't be resolved easily. The protection system in the game doesn't port over very well, even in the linux version of wine (which generally has much better compatibility) Hopefully the wine team will be able to make some progress on letting that driver work properly, and we should be okay!
  7. Shambler

    Got QE and CI on 8500GT running (10.5.6)

    I just thought I'd pipe up and mention that the Original Posters method worked well for my setup 10.5.6 Nvidia 7800 GTX 256MB I wasn't able to use EFI Studio however, as it didn't have the strings for my card. OSX86Tools however did, and it worked fine in place of EFI Studio in this guide. That was the last thing annoying me after the 10.5.6 upgrade, so thanks a lot!
  8. Shambler

    rFactor or GTR2 on HackMac

    I haven't really had any luck, has anyone else managed to get anywhere? There is a new version of Cider out, I might give that a go and see how that goes if I get time today
  9. Shambler

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    Sonicjam, I've noticed those same graphical errors in NFS:MW in the new version of cider. I couldn't actually get the game to run at all until I added the directx files that you supplied a while back. This sounds like a problem with Spore's version of cider, does anyone know if graphical errors like this occur in Spore itself? I also noticed that it Anti-aliases everything automatically, which is a little strange, regardless of whether I do it in game or not! It doesn't quit with command + q either anymore
  10. Shambler

    World in Conflict & Cider

    Anyone able to get this working yet? I tried the demo today then realised that it's using SecureROM which isn't emulated in wine yet, so only the full game could possibly work in cider. I'll try when I get home
  11. Question... my board doesn't have an IntelPro100 in it. I don't think that step is needed, as far as I'm aware, the chipset is at least mostly supported without any additional drivers. However, Bonjour (mDNSresponder) won't work correctly with this driver, you'll need to install a ported linux driver from this forum
  12. Shambler

    Jade Empire for the mac

    Interesting, has anyone tested to see if this is a new Cider version?
  13. Shambler

    rFactor or GTR2 on HackMac

    Yeah, I'm able to get the proper resolution on mine, do you mean that widescreen mode works and passes that point? Yeah I tested both, copied profiles across from windows PCs, all sorts of stuff. rFactor should carry profiles fine if you copy the right folder, but Cider doesn't seem to recognise this for some reason. Maybe there's a registry key missing somewhere. I did try to force in the command line to load a specific profile, but I have to admit I haven't had a lot of luck with the command line in Cider, i've never noticed it actually doing anything Let us know if you're able to get something interesting happening, maybe there's just something we're missing, it's SO close to working
  14. Shambler

    rFactor or GTR2 on HackMac

    Okay, this is a bit weird, Mouse works, loads fine, and it automatically goes to the create profile screen. I enter the details, click create/launch whatever it is, and then it pauses. After a while, it'll just un-click the mouse button, and not progress past this point. I've tried copying over the profiles from another windows install with no luck.
  15. Shambler

    rFactor or GTR2 on HackMac

    Yes, rFactor Lite might be a good idea. I'll give it a go now maybe, depends how busy I am today EDIT: It's going to need to be a cracked version, I can't find a way to get rid of that screen in OS X The 1255 version of rFactor has a crack that doesn't reqiure a loader, so I'll try on that 2ND EDIT: AWESOME! It loads fine, takes about a minute on my Hackintosh for some reason, I'm looking into that one, probably when I get home. I'm using the Lite version, if I get it working, I'll use the Full version later. Mouse isn't working yet, but working on that one