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Dell Inspiron 1520 (8600M GT, WSXGA+, etc), Sony V600 Headphones, and Much More!


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Got lots of stuff to get rid of!!!

- Dell Inspiron 1520 Gaming Laptop [ ] - $900 Insured Shipped or Best Offer

- Sony V600 Studio-Grade Headphones [Now listed on eBay]

- Canon SD750 Digital ELPH 7.1MP Camera [Now listed on eBay]

- Philips Aurilium External USB Sound Card [ ] - $35 Shipped

- Logitech VX Revolution Laptop Mouse [sOLD]

- Nostromo n52 Gaming Keypad [ ] - $20 Shipped

- Windows 2000 Professional Operating System [Now listed on eBay]



PM: Pokemon (of course)

Email: Professaoak@gmail.com

AIM: YoItsBattleKid

MSN: Fred_13579@hotmail.com


- I do PayPal for all of my sales. I also would like the buyer to have a Verified PayPal address. The Laptop will be insured for shipping, but you can ask for insurance on any of the other items as well. I am PayPal Verified and usually use Ebay for my sales (DKCustomComps - 100+ feedback).




Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop:

- 15.4" WSXGA+ 1680x1050 True-Life Widescreen LCD

- Core 2 Duo T7300 2.0GHz 4MB L2 Cache

- NVidia 8600M GT 256MB

- 2GB 667Mhz RAM

- 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive

- 9 Cell 85W Battery

- Windows Vista Home Basic

- DVD Drive - VGA and Svideo Out

- MMC/SD and MS/Pro Memory Card Reader

- FireWirex1/USBx4

- Microphone-In/Headphone-Out

- ExpressCard 54 Slot

- Built-In Wifi/Bluetooth/WebCam

- Power Supply



- VGA to DVI Adapter

- 4 in 1 USB Hub

- FarCry for PC (not pictured)

- Battlefield 2 for PC (not pictured)


- I have all of the original packaging, CDs, and documentation. I'll do a fresh install of Vista for you and install all of the drivers. I've been using this mainly as a desktop, so I could probably tell you all of the times I've actually take it somewhere with me! No dead/stuck pixels, no hardware problems, has run stable 24/7 with no problems! There is one dent on the outside rim (pictured below). It came this way as a Scratch and Dent. Does not affect the laptop in anyway, except when I occasionally look for it! I've also manually installed a Bluetooth Module because it didn't come with one. Its internal so no worries about a USB dongle! This is still under the Dell One Year Warranty until October 24th, 2008.


- I was hoping to part with it for $900 Insured Shipped or Best Offer in the US. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to PM me or email me at Professaoak@gmail.com. I am also 'YoItsBattleKid' on AIM or Fred_13579@hotmail.com for MSN messenger. I'll also throw in FarCry and Battlefield 2 for free! Also, if you wanted to get any other items like the Mouse and Sound Card, I will give you a discounted price and bundle the shipping.


















Sony V600 Studio-Grade Headphones:


- Sony V600 on Sony Website -








- I've used these mostly for Video Editing and some Music/Gaming. They are arguably some of the most durable and comfortable headphones, especially for the money. Rather than being bassy headphones, these get very detailed and have great clarity. In games this can be advantageous, but for Audio/Video Editing it was priceless. Of course, if you're looking to doing Studio work, then these will shine! I don't have the 6.35mm adapter on hand but I bet its sitting at home right now in my desk. I'm sure if you really need it, you probably already have one; but I'll be glad to ship one out to you if needed.

- Now listed on eBay.




Canon SD750 Digital ELPH 7.1MP Camera:

- Canon SD750 Camera

- Battery Pack

- Batter Charger

- A/V Out Cable

- USB Cable

- All Documentation

- Original Box

- Wrist Strap


- 1GB SD Card

- Camera Carry Case (not pictured)


- Canon SD750 on Canon Website -








- I've had this camera since December 2007 and really haven't used it as much as I hoped. Absolutely no problems with it, no physical wear, essentially mint/near-mint condition. I still have another Kodak EasyShare so that should get me by. I love this camera because its so small and takes an unbelievable picture. It is instant in just about everything it does (it turns on in less than a second!). It comes with all the accessories of a new one (box and all!). I'll also include a 1GB card and Camera Carry Case to go with the camera.


- Now listed on eBay.



Philips Aurilium External USB Sound Card:

- Philips Sound Card

- Removable Stand

- USB cable (no power adapter required!)

- Driver CD


- Philips Aurilium Review on Techspot -








- I've had this since January 2008. Haven't had any problems with it and has been great seeing that I have Surround Sound with Optical and Coaxial in and only Headphone-Out on the laptop. It has a Mic in and Headphone out on the front, accompanied by a Mute switch and volume knob. On the back, there is an Optical Out, Coaxial Out, and Analog 6-Channel Out. The stand can be removed and configured in the ways shown by the photos. The USB cable simply goes from the unit to your computer's USB port. The drivers can be downloaded (recommended) or you can install from the CD.

- I was hoping to get rid of this for $35 Shipped in the US. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me; my info is at the very top of this thread.



Belkin Nostromo n52 SpeedPad:

- Nostromo n52 SpeedPad


- Nostromo n52 SpeedPad Review at ExtremeReviews -




- I really never used this because I'm not great at conforming to new controls (never really conformed to WASD keys either). Its pretty much unused, just tried it out and didn't like it, and got it as a present so I figured I'd be nice about it :) . I don't have the drivers for it, but it shouldn't be hard to find them online.

- I'll get rid of this for $20 Shipped in the US. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me; my info is at the very top of this thread.



Windows 2000 Professional Operating System:

- Windows 2000 Full Install CD with SP3 and Key


- Windows 2000 on Wikipedia -




- This goes a ways back now lol! I remember getting this to put on a computer a friend and I were going to sell online. We ended up building it, not selling, taking it apart, selling the parts, and that was that! Was going through some stuff a few weeks ago and found this in a box from when we moved to a new house. The great thing is you don't have to deal with Microsoft when you want to install this; as long as you have the CD key and CD, you can reformat and reinstall without all the Microsoft over-the-phone BS.


- Now listed on eBay.

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