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100% Installed But No Boot up :)


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Hey Guys - :D i have tried to install this for 4 days non stop now but no Luck still but it was Fun :P


With Leo4all V2 -- it get to Install -choose the Partition i made -- Starts installing all handy dandy But during the Install it bugs out ... one time it said clean disk carefully - the other time it said your missing essential information contact software adminstrator..


With iAtkos -- i get to the install fine But when i go to Disk Utility so that partition can be picked Its doesn't Show anything but the DVD drive and .iso itself nothing else..


Here r the specs


Vista Ultimate

Hp Pavilion Tx2000 Notebook pc

x64-Based pC

AMD Turion 64x2 TL-68, 2400 Mhz 2core

SMBios Version - 2.4





Also with Le04all there r like 38 different parts --Do i just unrar part one and just burn that ? thats what i did . I have looked and looked no solution... sorry if this a Noob question


Any Help guys peas.....



Many Many Thanks ! ^_^

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oh i see ..


So select all and then unrar it?


Many thanks Mate .





Update:: with the tip from Reveeen i burnt the images on slowest i saw it made difference where I used Leo4All V2 before it failed during install/


Now it installed !!! i never looked at the progress bar so hard before in my life as it was stuck at one minute for 4 minutes ....lol Hurrray it said successfully installed.. but when the pc reboots .. it goes to cmd screen with all kinds of notes ." it says device is locked"


so i rebooted.... it booted into vista but when i go to install leo4all again and then go into disk utility the partition allready has the last install in it cus i can see the memory is used.... i wonder what is going on


so i m thinking something to do with booting.... can anyone help peas..... :D







Any one anything on this Thnx :)




Gusy after - 20 some days and 3 full restore and 15+ installs i have it working :)


many thnx

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