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  1. great work putting the directions and package down wyazzz ! I m sure those will help a lot of folks!!! Thanks to all the hard work everyone has put it in ! My Lappy is running on osx .. for 3 months now
  2. @ soccuvoiswape mate can you please make this NoobProof... I think that would help out greatly Many Thanks
  3. @ wyzazz!! Hurrrrrrrrraaay ! Houston we have Sound
  4. Zt sorry hear ur Lappy got stolen - and _29 too. now my turn - some busted 2 windows of me car stole me dvd playr arg arg * theves Suck - I wish i could mess up their Bios somehow *remotely*
  5. @the_29 - Many thanks for your work Mate - I will do that once i m home tonight @wyzazz - Thanks for those mate m going to give them a shot
  6. Ahh i see.. thats cool - i will mess around with the Boot stuff.. but i think verbos is ok too . Most stuff works Flawlessly - Hell i even pwned my iPhone . Only a few things don't work sound and touch. . i am going to mess wit wacom drivers and see if anything good comes out .. Lil screnny
  7. @ Wyzazz How are you mate ! Do you have the not booting issue when not plugged in? Mine boots up fine but in verbos mode -- it still gets stuff -- where it normally does - slide to power and lepord loads up just fine. those key things like sound and screen calibration would be Nice ! I ve requested someone who has the same pc . to see if he can come up with anything lets see.. . m alos trying to see .. what can be done... Also while at this - i dont mind the berbos mode -- but is it possible to make it load where it doesnt get stuck and loads up like a normal Looking loading screen? Thnx in advance .
  8. wzazz is correct i must have tried to install it 20 times but it was no go ....it only worked useing the complied drives that are recommended here . Zetsubou - i m sorry io fogot to mention wzaz told me to choose the drives in customize i did that exactly.. heres what i selected - i relly hope this helps you - This is exactly what i chose - it has worked 2 time in a row! In customize : :AMD System Fix :Time-Machine-Fix :Go
 :Graphics Drivers :NvInject Go :Network Drives :ForceDepth Drive Thats all i selected - and then installed it .--. Install went Fine. The use EasyBSD to fix bootloader Thnx to 29 ! Then install 29's Package this one is self installing package and you should be good to guys! @wyzazz - True Wyz Thanks for your effort mate* - now only if we could get the sound to work - and the dvd's and videos to work . i consulted someone who is pretty good with computers. I ve my fingers crossed hopefully he will see what needs to be done . Also Guys -- if this helps anyone - If you do not want to have to make any changes to your hard drive and deal with bootloader issues You can install Leo4all (i used V2) onto an external Drive - Do everything like we do normally To make it work on external Drive - It can not be Partitioned atleast didn't work for me. [i partitioned the External Drive it won't reconize that the OS is installed on it with a partiton -While installing Under Disk utility Select your external Drive - Then go to Partition - Choose 1 Partiton for the entire External drive - Then set it to Extended jurnled Rename if you would like-- Then hit Apply and your ready to install Os onto the external Drive] After install when it tells you that the Install was successfull -The system restarts - at Intel screen - Hit F9 It will show you the Boot options - Notebook Hard disk & External Drive - just choose your external drive to Boot from -- & the set up will come up(where you set up Time and all that) -- go through the set up and say hello to your Mac sitting tight on your external drive
  9. Lunks i used the Leo4all V2 -- All works right outside Box .. Wi-fi , USb i didn't have to do anything. with Leo4allv2 - you dont have to do anything extra do make wi fi working... to get the screen resolution and all that corrected -- use 29's Package - install it .. the screen will wobble not dont worry you will fix that next reboot - after the reboot - go to system prefs and Display 1280x800 worked on mine without any issues... you can try 1280x786 that works too... Try useing leo4allv2 .. works like charm...... ::here is what i did If this helps anyone -- 20 GB partiton useing built in disk partition -- right click Computer - then manage for more info -- simply google how to partition hard drive then installed leo4allv2 - go to dis utility choose the partition i created - then erase - choose extended jurnled and rename it if you want to .. then click erase.. simply install --- it installed perfect but did not -->> Reboot after the install how its suppose to be ... gave a message something like -- device is locked* i didnt touch it . let it do its thing .... when it finally came back up -- darwin loaded up -- then any key to start -- i hit it anyways -- then got a message- --cant find apple.com.config .plist -- Well the joy of osx86 I looked like Vista bootloadr was messing with drwin . m not sure as i m not that good with this stuff.. but i read a lot around ... That was no go, i loaded good old vista & downloaded EasyBCD 1.51 BCD lets you add multipl Operating Systems to your boot choice. then ran easy bcd added the Os x to the boot line there is an option in EasyBCD called Diganose -- to fix the Bootloader arguments . go into diagnos... it tell you to choose Disk location where the Os x is installed.... i chose Disk0 and 2 thats where mine was stored .. and boom a simple reboot and i had a nice dual boot asking me which world i want to eneter Thanks wyzazz , 29 and everyone else who is trying to make this work .
  10. wyzazz -- i got it finally ! to work..! Wi- Fi working !!! right outside the box... first boot it was frezzing at little bit at first.. but i rebooted its working so Smooth many thnx for the help. i downloaded the 29;s package .. do i just install everything in there anywhere in the partition of specific folders? Thanks Update: Everything installed! only thing left is Sound now
  11. Many Thanks Mate...! -- I did find the PDF you had attatched in this thread as well ! Will update once i is home!
  12. Hey guys ! hope all is well ! I have tx2000Z been trying to dual boot it wilth vista but no success . I used Leo4allv2 - It installs perfectly fine. What i did - 10GB partition on C: - (used the built in mantaince to do partition & then went thrugh the volume thing to format it and assign it a Letter & named it ) Then Booted the Lappy with Leo4allv2 dvd - It boots up -Goes to installed perfectly fine Next disk utility - i clicked on the partition - Then erased it with extended jurned Then back to install - i choose the AMD Patch thats the only thing i choose. Install runs for 25 mins or so & Gives me a message that it works _ install successfull When the lappy reboots - it doesn't boot up correctly - it says - applecom. config.Plist is missing .. Any help mates?i would be verrrrrrrry Thank Full........
  13. hello everyone! Hope all is well. Eddie! Many many thanks for your Hard work I installed leo4all V2 = on my laptop completely - it even told me - it is installed Successfully. then it says restart ... i let it sit and reboot - Right away - Its says * Device is locked.* anyone heard about this before? So i try to install again -- When i go to disk utility - i can see that os is installed allready. - so its not booting up . I did a 10GB partition in C: During Install - i chose AMD Patch * everything else i left as is. Heres my laptop specs Vista Ultimate Hp Pavilion Tx2000 Notebook pc x64-Based pC AMD Turion 64x2 TL-68, 2400 Mhz 2core SMBios Version - 2.4 Ram-4GB if theres anything else i need to include in pc Config please let me know Many Thanks!
  14. jessec

    100% Installed But No Boot up :)

    oh i see .. So select all and then unrar it? Many thanks Mate . Update:: with the tip from Reveeen i burnt the images on slowest i saw it made difference where I used Leo4All V2 before it failed during install/ Now it installed !!! i never looked at the progress bar so hard before in my life as it was stuck at one minute for 4 minutes ....lol Hurrray it said successfully installed.. but when the pc reboots .. it goes to cmd screen with all kinds of notes ." it says device is locked" so i rebooted.... it booted into vista but when i go to install leo4all again and then go into disk utility the partition allready has the last install in it cus i can see the memory is used.... i wonder what is going on so i m thinking something to do with booting.... can anyone help peas..... Any one anything on this Thnx Gusy after - 20 some days and 3 full restore and 15+ installs i have it working many thnx
  15. Hey Guys - i have tried to install this for 4 days non stop now but no Luck still but it was Fun With Leo4all V2 -- it get to Install -choose the Partition i made -- Starts installing all handy dandy But during the Install it bugs out ... one time it said clean disk carefully - the other time it said your missing essential information contact software adminstrator.. With iAtkos -- i get to the install fine But when i go to Disk Utility so that partition can be picked Its doesn't Show anything but the DVD drive and .iso itself nothing else.. Here r the specs Vista Ultimate Hp Pavilion Tx2000 Notebook pc x64-Based pC AMD Turion 64x2 TL-68, 2400 Mhz 2core SMBios Version - 2.4 Ram-4GB Also with Le04all there r like 38 different parts --Do i just unrar part one and just burn that ? thats what i did . I have looked and looked no solution... sorry if this a Noob question Any Help guys peas..... Many Many Thanks !