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Imac G4 17" issue

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I have a 17" Imac g4 with Leopard 10.5.2 and the latest driver update from apple. The installation was clean, not an upgrade from tiger.


Its been working fine as my grandmothers computer for about 3 weeks now since I bought it on ebay. This morning she said that it wouldn't wake up from sleep and then had a beach ball. I instructed her to turn it off via the power switch and turn it back on. No luck, it booted to a blue screen with a black mouse pointer on it.


I've gone looking and the only reference with a blue screen is just after an installation of 10.5 with APE (application enhancer) installed. I've gone through the steps in single user mode, done the fsck -fy, booted in verbose, booted with command + option + p + r to reset the pram/nvram and still boots to a blue screen. I cannot boot from the install disk, I get to a black screen with a mouse on it.


I fear it is the logic board, but the computer shows up on my hackintosh as a shared computer, the hd seems fine, its been on the blue screen now for over an hour with a bit of disk activity here and there.


Any ideas folks?


I'm kind of out of them.

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