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Dual booting with p5w dh


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hey guys

specs are below..

ive successfully installed osx and xp on separate drives. and i think ive succesfully got a boot loader running.. according to this guide.

only problem is, everytime i want to boot up on mac, i have to go into the mobo settings, and edit them:


Bios Settings:

-Go to IDE configuration and change the ide/sata mode to AHCI

-Enable “Execute Disable function”

-Turn off Speedstep Settings (unless you plan to use a hacked speedstep kernel)

-Change the Jmicron Controller to AHCI (only if you are using Jmicron,

otherwise, disable it)

-MicroCode Update: Enabled

-Max CPUID Limite: Enabled

-ACPI2 support : yes

-ACPI APIC: Enabled

-Suspend mode: S3


i have to do this everytime to start up mac, then if i want to go to xp i have to reset defaults..... every time

any suggestions of how to boot without editing everytime??


also i need some help with setting up wireless wifi in mac with the p5w dh... P5W DH Deluxe wifi support

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You dont have to change the settings everytime. Whatever setting you are doing for OSX86 is fine for XP except one, namely AHCI SATA. For Vista, the OSX settings are perfectly fine

Also leave speedstep enabled for both OSX and Windows. Windows will use it and OSX without speedstep kernel wont bother about it


So you can upgrade XP to VISTA


If you need to get the XP going without changing BIOS setting, you may have to reinstall XP. Basically set SATA to AHCI and you have to press F6 during install to load driver and use Intel Matrix Storage controller driver floppy if you have plugged your XP Drive to Intel SATA or Jmicron driver floppy if you have plugged your XP harddisk to Jmicron. Get driver floppy from Intel site or Jmicron site accordingly

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