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Help,,Anyone success install jas 10.4.8 in lenovo Y410


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I got problem install jas 10.4.8..success installation,but when reboot, can't boot to darwin,,,just black screen...

I have change the partition to primary and Hfs jounal...

anyone can solve,,I'm very appreciate who can help my problem...



Laptop lenovo Y410

intel core 2 duo 1.83Ghz

intel GMA 950 X3100

160 Hd

2gg RAM

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i managed to install Kalyway 10.4.10 perfectly, but erm it's really badly modded by Kalyway, so not very Tiger, with Leopard icons everywhere ^_^


and anyway for the Kalyway 10.5.1 i got it to install but for the first boot you need to use -v -x at boot prompt, otherwise you will have the eternal Apple logo


and Tiger does not have Intel GMA X3100 drivers, so you will have to live with a non 1200x800 resolution that Y410 uses. You will not be able to change the resolution in Tiger. Leopard has a working X3100 driver though..

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