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Recommendations for Dual booting XP and Leopard

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System Specs:

Asus A8NSLI Delux


AMD 3500+ 939 Socket


Well, I'm going to try my first OSX86 install, and I was looking through all the tutorials about how to dual boot XP and Leopard and couldn't decide on which route to take. I already have XP installed, and there is no partition at this time for the Leopard install. I downloaded the Zephyroth AMD 10.5.2 but need advice on how to partition (software?) and what bootloader to use and so forth. I'm not completely computer dumb, I've dual booted XP and Linux before but that seems is a lot easier. Any advice? Thanks.

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To partition you could use a program such as Partition Magic or get the Acronis Disk Director Suite at the "bay" if you wanted to... Acronis Disk Director also comes with an OS Selector which is literally a bootloader which could be used however it is believed to be a bit flaky at times and unreliable.

Another bootloader is GRUB, this can also boot different operating systems however i personally have never used it.

Or, you could just use the original Darwin Bootloader and if you like the Win XP one better use Chain0 to get Darwin in XP.


This can only be done after installation where you make the XP partition active again and then place the Chain0 file in the XP partition and then you have to edit the boot.ini file.


The partition created has to be a FAT32 and set as primary.

Once the partition is created boot the DVD with your ISO which has been burned and then install. To install onto the Partition just use

Utilities > Disk Utility > Select the Partition and then format it into a Mac OS Extended (Journaled)


Then complete installation.


I am unsure whether the Disk Utility stuff applies to the Zephyroth one however it certainly applies to the Kalyway one as far as i know.


Hope this helps! :)

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Could that be problem. I had Xp on a a empty partition, i think in ntfs format.


I installed kalyway 10.5.2 on that partition after formatting it first to a apple format. After reboot it said could not find system and it wouldnt boot. not to osx and not to xp anymore. Even after the mbrfix and fixboot command i could not get it to boot.


Could it be to make that partition primairy and fat32 first?


Are there any working mbr repair programs? I solved it by installing windows again on another partition. Now it boots again.


Btw i got to osx by booting of dvd.

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Update: did the partitioning and started install, all went very smooth, installed custom drivers and mbr boot loader BUT have run into a problem. Once it was done installing and restarted, OSX booted up and I started to go through setup and keyboard detection and all that. When the choose country and region screen came up the list was blank. I had nothing to choose from and all I could do was hit continue, but nothing has happened after 10 minutes. Any advice?

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Hmm... a very strange problemo over there, maybe try restarting again however right now i do not have have a solid answer. I'll see if i can research it a bit however that is a very strange problem.


However good to know that the install went fine etc

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Well I restarted and it tried installing again, however this time the computer is locked in a never ending cycle of restarts. The BIOS says "no keyboard detected" every time (the keyboard is in fact not responsive) then boots to the apple logo. It restarts after a few seconds and does the whole ordeal over again. I can't do anything cause the keyboard won't work. Please help :)

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hey guys ive got a question. ive just bought a new rig, and have been trying to

dual boot windows xp and mac os x on two SEPARATE hard drives, no success at all. everything installs perfectly, but i cant find a way to boot onto mac, i think windows xp overwrites the darwin booter or something im not sure. any suggestions for this?? thanks

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hey passion ,

wat kind of keyboard r ya using,

usb or the older kind scusi or something like that



*** and can ANYONE AT ALL ANYONE help me with my problem of booting off two separate hard drives, just a link to a guide that would help me, would go far

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What keyboard and mouse configuration you are using?


a) USB Keyboard + USB Mouse = works

:D PS/2 Keyboard + USB Mouse = "need to modify /etc/rc file to make it work"

c) PS/2 Keyboard + PS/2 Mouse = works


If your configuration is: :) PS/2 Keyboard + USB Mouse

Then, you need to do this to get your keyboard working:

Step 1) Boot using the Leopard Installer DVD

Step 2) When you are in the installation Page: Open Terminal from MENU Bar>Utilities>Terminal

Step 3) cd /Volumes/<your Leopard partition>/

Step 4) Open the /etc/rc file in nano, and press Ctrl+v until you reach the end of file in the editor

Step 5) Add the following 2 lines "In between fi and exit 0 at the very end"


kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ApplePS2Keyboard.kext

kextload /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ApplePS2Keyboard.kext


Step 6) Write/Save the file using "Ctrl+o" then press enter when prompted. Exit the editor

Step 7) Reboot Normally withou the DVD.

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I thought that once Leopard and XP are installed on different Partitions then the Darwin Bootloader comes first... unless if you use Chain0 in which case you get the Darwin Bootloader inside the XP Bootloader once you set the XP Partition active again.

But when you mean SEPARATE Hard Drives do you mean Partitions or one Hard Drive in the Computer and one External one for example.


Try pressing F8 and then OS Choices if it's in partitions since the Darwin Bootloader may have ended up somewhere in there (or in F8)

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by separate i mean two different internal hard drives.

80 gig seagate with xp

500 gig seagate with mac


i almost got it working btw, in acronis i selected the unk. operating system, it booted but i got a unknown error in the upper left of the screen.

i think it might be a problem with my kalyway, im downloading kalyway 10.5.2 right now


im not enitrely sure how to use chain0 any guides for this??


thanks a ton for the answer btw, first one :D

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Well guys, resetting the BIOS got my keyboard working again, and I reinstalled a couple times, but everytime it gets done, the computer restarts automattically, boots up the darwin into OSX, waits at the apple logo for a few seconds, then restarts and my keyboard fails again. Any clues as to whats going on?

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Which Flavor you are using? Any success with any of them?


I recently downloaded both:

1) Zephyroth AMD 10.5.2 Rev2

2) Kalyway 10.5.2 Intel/AMD


I am planing to install it on a different HDD. My First HDD has has XP and TubGirl Tiger 10.4.10


My System Config is at my Signature below.


Am confused which one to install is that... in the HCL list at http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.2#Asus

It seems Zephyroth works with my config. But Kalyway is a new release ...............


Anybody and help me?

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