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AppleHDA For Conexant CX20755 - 276.26

About This File

-This kext will be added to next update of AppleHDA Patcher, but until then enjoy

-use Layout_Id=03

What's New in Version 276.26


  • -initial support

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hello, can we have source to this as i am trying to modify it for it to match my configdata (which is close to the one in yours)... my configdata works perfectly with voodoohda but even if i modify it in your applehda, i can't get the external mic input to work :)


working configdata with voodoohda: <01771c10 01771d00 01771e17 01771f90 01a71c20 01a71d00 01a71ea6 01a71f90 01871c30 01871d90 01871ea1 01871f01 01671c40 01671d40 01671e21 01671f01>

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