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  1. AppleHDA For Conexant CX20755 -

    hello, can we have source to this as i am trying to modify it for it to match my configdata (which is close to the one in yours)... my configdata works perfectly with voodoohda but even if i modify it in your applehda, i can't get the external mic input to work working configdata with voodoohda: <01771c10 01771d00 01771e17 01771f90 01a71c20 01a71d00 01a71ea6 01a71f90 01871c30 01871d90 01871ea1 01871f01 01671c40 01671d40 01671e21 01671f01>
  2. Hello, I found out that when my laptop is plugged in AC adapter my max ratio is x22 and when it's on battery I have full TurboBoost (x32) and speedstep (x8) working. I tried a lot of DSDT but now I use my patched own and I use ssdtprgen ssdt. I can patch DSDT with MaciASL Any clue about the problem?
  3. Any Echo Audio users here?

    Hello fOZf8... I am exactly in the same situation. I have a PCI Echo Layla24 sound card that I would really want to use in mac os x but the device won't even appear in the PCI Device list in "infos on my mac". Strange thing is that the drivers succesfully installed but nothing shows up and the console shows up but is like empty...