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Jeff Cochin
Jeff Cochin
Jeff Cochin is a distinguished expert in data management, recovery, and warehousing, with over a decade of hands-on experience. His expertise extends to data clouds, failovers, SaaS, and constructing digital marketing strategies for high-growth startups. Notably, he holds comprehensive knowledge of Mac computers, Apple's ecosystem, and iPhone technology, making him a trusted authority in these domains. With nearly five years as a dedicated technical writer, Jeff has become a seasoned researcher and reviewer of new applications and services, particularly those within the Apple and Mac universe. His articles and tutorials, often covering nuances of Mac and iPhone use, have graced the pages of many publications, including Macgasm, OnMac, Applenapps, LAWeekly, and more. They have collectively reached a global audience of millions. Jeff spends a substantial portion of his professional life interfacing with AWS, Docker,, freeCodeCamp, and SQL-related technologies, integrating these tools with his profound understanding of Mac systems and software. When he's not immersed in writing, troubleshooting, or scripting for Mac and iPhone environments, or staring at computer screens, Jeff embraces the thrill of outdoor adventures. An enthusiast of biking, kayaking, and hiking, he often seeks new trails to explore alongside his like-minded, outdoors-loving friends.

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