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Why is a Mac any better than Vista?

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Vista is a joke. A well funded joke, but it's still a joke. I would compare with XP.

XP is a lot more tweakable for when I {censored} around at home. For some of my interests there are worlds more options and programs for XP than for OSX or linux, or the linux/osx ones are crippled in some way due to lack of developers. I like to overclock my PC to get such tasks done quicker, I like to run it out of a case, etc. I like having a 3.92 GHz machine that I cool using a radiator in my window.

But for work, I like Logic. Logic stock can beat cubase or nuendo or pro tools LE even after buying a ton of plugins.. it's a great program. I also need to not be able to tweak as easy. If I see a BIOS upon bootup I will do something, it's in my blood, and I'll {censored} up my work machine. I like how simple disk utility makes it to make images and how simple it is to boot off a firewire drive to restore images if you mess up an install.. you can do it in windows for sure but here it's simpler.

I've made XP and OSX crash on me an equal amount of times though, and I have seen {censored}ed up OSX installs to the point where applejack and other programs didn't really help much, so I reinstalled. I do that with windows too if it's been messed up by a lot of people. no big deal.

I like the macbook pro as well. It's a durable {censored} machine, compared to many other laptops out there(at least the recent ones that don't burn a hole through your crotch), and is very well constructed.

I {censored} hate the dock though. taskbar > * and I am not a fan of imacs. either give me a laptop with full portability where upgrades are limited or a desktop I can swap stuff and gut stuff out of as I choose with no portability.. I see the iMac as half and half between not that portable and not that much a "real" desktop.

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