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Leopard 10.5.2 on XPS M1210


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Hey guys


Well first of, I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 and install went fine, booted in, worked fine.

Then noticed that my cpu fan was always on, which was really annoying no idea why but with 10.5.1 it barely turned on...


Second, like usuall I disabled dual core in bios for it to install normal without any problems

when it booted up I saw it showed 2Ghz Intel Core Solo which was normal, went to more info

it showed me 1 processor, 1 core and so on...


Rebooted, enabled dual core, booted into OSX and not it showed me 2Ghz Intel Core Duo, which is normal

but when I go to more info, it shows 0 Processors, 1 core.... why is that?

here is a pic attached below to see what i mean....




Third, I used the Sigmatel 9220 audio codec (that's the one I need) and forgot to do the repair disk permissions, and rebooted, now

when pc boots up, it stops on the black screen followed after Apple logo...


Please help

Thanks alot



Ok, I managed to repair disk permissions and not it booted normally...works fine now


But still I have those two problems above.... any help on that?



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anyone at all?


I can't get that Dual Core working right...


and an also, the driver for sound is installed and in the properties it shows that it is working,

but I get no sound from the speakers when I play a song...

What could that be?

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