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Mac WoW problem random crashing, disrupts internet connection


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Recently wow has begun to crash at random times, it will start stuttering (sound and video) i won't be able to cast spells and then it either does a zoom fast forward type effect and I catch up to what is happening or it disconnects me. The disconnect is the more common end of the situation and I have to force quit wow. After that happens my internet is no longer connected and I have to reset my computer to reconnect through safari, ventrilo or anything else internet related.


I have looked on the blizzard forums and found several posts about this such as,




but nothing blizzard is saying is very helpful so I am posting this here to see if others are having the same problem and if anyone has found any sort of solution.


Thank you


p.s. this happens on wireless or when connected directly to the modem with ethernet and according to posts by others on the blizzard forums has happened on a multitude of different hardware setups with varying computers (all mac), routers and modems.

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