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Do i have to format all logical drives and create new partitions?


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Hi iam trying to get hackintosh on my ASUS A6VM

(Intel Centrino 1,7 GHz, GEFORCE GO 7300 256MB)

My first question is - i have xp on logical drive C, D is for data and E is for hackintosh (all logical drives are on one hdd)

when i boot from dvd i run disk utility and when i choose third partition i cant click on options so i cant choose mbr or other booting choices even when i try to format it on journal mac...

SO do i have to repartition all my hdd and format all my data ?


and second - what kerenel and install packs i need to choose from customize to get my hackintosh work ? (iam asking because i installed my hackintosh and when i made first boot it stops on apple logo and restart. (what iam doing wrong?)


Thanks for any advices

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