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Install error: "While verifying, read() returned 5: Input/Output error"


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Hey all. I know installation problems are super boring, but I'd appreciate the help.


I'm trying to install OS X on an Eee PC, using an old DVD-ROM drive hooked up via an IDE->USB adaptor. Seems to work okay for installing Windows, but as I've been following the guide at http://tigeroneeepc.wikispaces.com/Install I've encountered this problem:


First problem is that verification fails, and I'm told to clean the disc. If I ignore it, the install starts, but soon after it starts copying files (like 30 minutes later) it says "Reboot and try again". I looked at the installer log, and it seems to be finding a problem with the AddressBook binary and then aborting the whole install, culminating in this error:


While verifying, read() returned 5: Input/Output error


A Google search indicates this has to do with the disc being damaged, but I burned the DVD a second time at 1x and had the exact same issue.


What can I do? Is there a way to force the installer to just keep going? Is there another Tiger distro I can use that has all the drivers and settings the document at http://tigeroneeepc.wikispaces.com/Install refers to?

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