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SMB - Not working - Leo4allv2


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Hi All.


Maybe this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it.


I installed Leo4allv2 on a system with the 9.2.0 kernel. (No EFI) on a Shuttle XPC.


Everything pretty much works fine. It's not seeing my CPU properly, nor ram speed, but still works (I am not sure if the SMBIOS fix will work on my system or not)


Anyhow, I'm using wireless and have an FD5000 (seen as Airport) and a Realtek on board nic (Also identified properly)


The real issue here is I can't connect to any Windows shares. Neither browsing for them or using connect-to, with the same end result.


Has anyone else experienced this and maybe can point me to a fix?


(and if your reading this and the SMBios fix will work also, feel free to let me know :(



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